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8 Awesome Tools to Generate Blog Post Ideas.

Running out of ideas to write on your next post? Worry not, you’re not alone.

It’s not the year 2000 anymore, so just finding a low competition keyword, and writing on it will not get you ranked. With the increase in the number of bloggers and marketers online, the competition has grown too, in fact, it’s not easy to rank for even low competition keywords quickly these days.

So what will you do when you are out of ideas to blog on? When your mind is totally blank as if it’s venturing somewhere deep in the sea of darkness?

Well, that’s where these Top 5 Awesome tools come in handy, to generate excellent blog ideas for you capable enough to attract traffic.

#1 Hubspot Blog Topic Ideas generator:

blog post Idea generation tools

It’s the golden treasure, of ideas for you if you’ve run out of ideas for your next blog post. And it’s incredibly simple User Interface makes it super easy to use.

All you have to do is, put in your three prime keywords into the box, and click on “give me ideas”, and it’ll get you the most attractive, SEO friendly titles you can ever imagine.

For e.g.,, I put in ” Content” “Marketing” ” Strategy”, and the results it gave me were delicious.

blog post Idea generation tools

Portent’s Content Idea Generator:

After using Hubspot’s Idea generator, it’s unlikely that you will not find a satisfying and suitable title and content Idea for your next blog post. But still if you are among those, who always want “extra”, here’s Portent’s Content Idea Generator for you.

You are going to fall in love with this tool, Why? Well, because it acts like an A.I in itself, it gives you extra bubbles, and words and ironic comments you can use on your title. And it explains almost the use of every word in the title.

For e.g.,, I’m typing ” affiliate marketing” in the box, and here’s the result I get.

Portents blog idea generator tool

Ideator Idea generator:

Well, the uniqueness of Ideator lies in it’s a vast number of outcomes, it gives you more results than you can ever write on, in your lifetime.

As when I type in “Affiliate Marketing” I’m shown a results page, that’s literally begging me to start writing right now, and the best part is, you don’t have to use one single sentence.

blog post Ideas generation tools

Combining different lines and words from ideator to make your own custom headline is an awesome idea to generate your next blog post idea.

Link Bait Generator:

blog post Idea generation tools

Well, it works pretty much like Ideator itself, the ways where it’s different is in the sense that, It’s simple looking, and fast.

All you have to do is, type in your primary keyword, and it’ll get you an ocean of ideas for you to swim in.

Blog Idea Generator:

It does exactly what its name suggests. Yes, it gives you ideas for your next blog post.

It claims to provide you SEO friendly, and attractive content ideas, which is exactly what you are looking for, right?  In fact, it’s tagline says, ” Write for people and search engines”, so definitely your posts are going to have an SEO optimized beginning right?

blog post Idea generation tools

Well its totally different from the above tools, as you don’t have to type any specific keyword.

It gives you an overall calculation of how to optimize your keyword, with the right position to place it in your title so that it looks attractive and is optimized for search engines.

Now above was a list of 5 tools to help you generate awesome content ideas for your next blog post right? They were the direct approaches; I’ll also take the liberty of borrowing your attention, to some Indirect, and more researched form of Idea -fishing.


All top idea generator

AllTop grants you access to hundreds of blogs online. For almost every possible query or niche. For e.g., if you are blogging on “Content Marketing”, one of the best ways to get new blog ideas would be, to head over to AllTop.

In the search box, type in your niche, for e.g.,. Affiliate Marketing.  And you’ll be surprised at how many Titles there are, just up for a grab.

See, and the best part is most of these titles are super user- optimized. Meaning, you don’t even have to stress on creating a very different, apart from the crowded title.

Just taking up one of these, twisting, turning and modifying would work.  And once you get a title, I’m sure formulating a great post that attracts traffic for you won’t be hard right?

See the above screenshot? The possibilities are just endless.

Quora: Generate in-demanded blog post ideas:

You all are probably already aware of Quora, right?

It’s a question answer site, which has millions of hits a day.  What are the benefits of using Quora to generate blog ideas?

Well, normally people either “guess”, or use keyword research tools to find out queries, keywords or phrases that people “might” be interested in right?

What if, you can get your hands directly on questions, or topics that people are interested in for sure? That would surely mean a traffic goldmine for you, won’t it?

Well, that’s where Quora comes into play. Here’s how to use Quora to generate blog ideas:

Head over to Quora, and key-in your niche, or keyword that you are willing to blog upon.


See? This gives you an insight of what people want, so creating a post on those questions is a sure-fire way to generate organic traffic, and not only that, if you put up your link in the post, and if the content is good enough, the number of hits you can get directly from Quora is Unimaginable.

Because, if you focus on the “views”, you can see there’s more exposure then probably any blog -post sharing platform could ever get you.

Blog Post Ideas from Stumbleupon trends:

Stumbleupon is one of the most widely used, and effective Social bookmarking site rights?

Well, in function it’s similar to Alltop, so basically you can get an insight into what people like at the moment.  What is interesting to them.

blog post Idea generation tools

Diving into Stumbleupon trends gives you an insight into what kind of a “title” or “content” people would like to read. Trust me, there isn’t much difference between the “#1 post” and the “average” post, its all in the title.

90% of your visitors, click on your article only if the Title is appealing enough, so Stumbleupon is a great source to formulate the kind of Titles that are working for others.


The direct methods listed above, surely give you a vast sea of titles and content you can blog upon, right? But still I’ll list some of the ways to clear your confusion, in case you still aren’t sure how to get the first step right

  • Use the tools to generate ideas, and then tweak them to your own needs.
  • Words like “Epic Idea” “Killer ideas” may seem like out-dated and over used, but trust me, they still work.
  • It’s all about understanding your audience, if there’s a large audience who doesn’t know what WordPress is, don’t be shy to write a post on “What is WordPress.” There might be a lot of competition, and this topic might already be over-abused, but it’s definitely worth a try.

So that was all folks, hope the tools help. If there’s anything more you’ll like answered, make use of the comment box, I love interacting, listening to and learning from your guys.