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Personal websites have taken over the world by sway. Almost every guy out there today, owns two online assets for sure. First, a Facebook account, and second a website.

Well did you know this planet has billions of websites, but only some make it to the top in any field? I mean, you need to stand out from the crowd to get the least bit of possible attention, huh?

That’s the reason I’m discussing the 5 best Well designed websites as an example here, so read along.

What do I Mean by 5 Well Designed Personal Website Examples?

Well, I don’t just mean looks!

Yeah, I don’t. Getting a nice little background image from some place, setting it up on a website isn’t “designing”. Instead, what I’ll be considering is the creativity that comes in, the codes and what not.

So yeah read along, you’re going on an adventurous ride to explore all that there is when it comes to personal website examples!

Samuel Reed:-


Well when we are talking about “personal websites”, the question of their existence definitely comes to our minds, huh?

I mean why does a personal website exist?

Well in the simplest possible way, I could tell you they exist to showcase the life-work or experience of an individual, huh?

Now that’s what no one does better than Samuel Reed.

That image I’ve placed under his name looks full of codes huh? What’s interesting in it? Well, check it out to find out!

Instead of telling you what he does, Samuel is showing his visitors what he does by coding the stuff in front of them.(Well not Live ofcourse, but the codes are animated as if they’re happening right now, so yeah that’s a good show-off skill he’s got.)

Not just that, his boxes allow you to add your own codes to them too. So you can play around the codes right from your browser into his website.

Nathan Riley


If you’re one of those tech-savvy guys who loves the lines and dots as on Nathan’s site, you’re definitely going to fall in love with him.(Well, his work actually, not him I know.)

Nathan has made the best possible use of “Full-screen pages”. Meaning, apart from the homepage, if you scroll down you’d see different sections all illustrating you about his work, and the best part?

They are all full paged. Meaning, the designing section covers the whole screen, and then comes the next section which does the same. So yeah he knows how to grab your attention.

Also, when it comes to metro style square boxes, he’s made good use of them too. As you can see on his site all the sections are broken into a rectangle which is again divided into two squares, so yeah Nathan knows stuff, no doubt.

Ashley Farrand


You don’t need to teach Ashley how to showcase her talent and work in the simplest, “no bullshit” manner.

Her page starts with a beautifully designed logo and well-placed contact buttons. Which are of utmost importance because that’s about the whole point of creating a personal website, right?

People need to be able to contact you right away. They shouldn’t be sent on a wild goose chase to find the contact button, and Ashley knows this well.

So as soon as you land on the site you get two buttons, See Projects & Contact Me”. Exactly what we need, right?

Her users can check out her projects right away, and if they’re impressed, can contact her right from that page itself without a lot of hustle.  If you ever need a lesson how to design a personal website that both showcases your talent and gets you projects, Ashley is the one to talk to.



I don’t know what to say of Zoella.

The site she holds is just magnificent.Well, she even has been recognized by Wikipedia and is a prominent Vblogger! So no doubt her work totally deserves it.

Yeah, it is. Awesome animations greet you as soon as you land on the pages. is the site where she shares her life instances in photos and texts.

That’s not what makes it interesting. What makes it interesting is her animation, her style of presentation and distribution.

She has a category on almost everything in this world. Be it beauty, or life or anything else you can imagine of. Her page conveys her story in the most glorious manner.

Well, I can’t judge her ofcourse, neither can I comment on it. So it’s better if you go out and take a look for yourself, and be stunned!

Colin Grist


Coling knows what it’s like to keep things simple. His page starts with an “About” page on the left pane.

He has written a pretty impressive bio out there. Then on the right side, you get the contact options. Well, totally noticeable and neat. So yeah no one ever has problems finding ways to contact him that much is sure.

You scroll down to get his projects. He has simple square snapshots of his works with links to them. So you can directly check out what he does, and how he does it.

So yeah Colin deserves to be on this list.

Jon Phillips


Jon knows how to keep things simple.

When you land on his site, you will notice there’s no scroll bar. No section, categories or anything.

Just a static homepage, filled with just one single line that says ” Hi, I’m Jon. UI, UX, product designer & maker of fine things that live on the Internets.”

Simple, huh? There is just one button out there, the contact button which allows you to contact him. He is like the “no showoff” guy. He knows what he does, and he’s confident that the work would impress you, and nothing else matters.

So yeah Jon, welcome on this list.

Now if you’d ask me how does a website with just one single line fit on this list, I’d say, creativity and simplicity. You’ve probably seen millions of sites with a lot of animation and stuff, right?

I’ve too, but Jon’s site has this special aura about itself to make us click on the contact button even if we don’t know what he does or how good he is, and that’s the ultimate goal anyway isn’t it?

Melanie Daveid


Melanie, is an art director, and nothing speaks it better then her website.

As soon as you land on the site, you get the glimpse of awesome animation that covers the whole page.

You scroll down, and you’d see the normal work-about sections that you’re expecting.( What’s special?) Well, the sections are neatly designed, and divided. The left panes are animated, and the scrolling is boosted with CSS.

Although, what made me fall in love with her (work) was the final section. You scroll down to the ultimate bottom of the page, and an extremely lucrative “high five” hand comes from both the ends (up & down) to merge finally at the center of the screen creating the impression of a “high five hand”.

Well, I don’t think I can explain it all to your right here, instead, go out, check it out and be inspired.

Sean Halpin


Sean, loves green.

Ah, his landing page tells you what he does in the simplest possible manner. He says “I’m Sean, I’m a Web Designer.” Nothing complicated there, huh?

You scroll down, and you’d see extremely neat and well organized “What I Do” section. Filled with eye-catching animations and stuff. And as he says, he’s area of specialty is typography, and that you can verify from his What I do section without a doubt.

So still wondering why it’s on this list?

Simple, neat typography combined with animations and illustrations is what kills it.

Charlotte Tang


Okay I accept, it’s not a “great” layout, but it’s design and elements work hard enough in unison to make you stick on the site.

The first element that caught my eye while I was on Charlotte’s site was the awesome color combination. She has an Orange color logo, combined with a Black and White page, which turns to colors once you hover on them?

Wow, this couldn’t get any better. I mean you don’t just come up with all of that one random day, it shows her deep knowledge and perspective, and as she claims to be a Graphic and UI designer, her layout supports her claim every bit.

Maybe, you don’t need super flashy animations and welcome messages to make a great website, huh?

Final Words:-

The goal behind me compiling all of these here?

Nothing, or well, everything. It totally depends on upon your perspectives.

I just combined around  9 of the best personal designed websites as examples from around the globe. You might have had some new ideas by now, huh?

Trust me, if you combine the “best” elements, from these Best nine personal designed websites, your site is going to break all records. Ah, still got an excuse for not starting up right at this moment?