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Hey folks, today I’ll be discussing one of the most grown hosting company

To start with any details first I would like to discuss why a good host is an important aspect of your online presence and how it can affect your business.

Good hosting for your website has many advantages and benefits over other non-reliable hostings available out there in the market. Some features of a quality host can be a very good technical support that is reliable and can revert quickly when any problem arises, maximum uptime which makes sure you don’t loose and customers or visitors as its not only a loss in your business, but it too gives a negative impression as well.

Some other features that I look at are the amount of storage and bandwidth, some domains that can be hosted, email account, and features, framework support, and shell access (rarely used).

There are some other things that people look at these days that include a free domain and free marketing coupons(Google AdWords, Facebook, Bing), etc.

Coming to, the hosting company has grown for years and has been in this business since 2003.

The company’s website has grown its authority and now possess a domain authority of 91 and page authority of 88, talking about the social profiles what I found was it has 15k Facebook fans, 2.8k Twitter followers 1276 google plus followers as well, claiming to be an old and reliable company and over 3 million websites hosted on their servers I was expecting these figures to be much higher but these figures can be trusted and satisfactory as most of the people don’t give a dam following a hosting company on their personal social profiles.

So what all one can expect from them before even using them is 60 days money-back guarantee with every plan, 99.9% uptime which is extremely good if you get it, a 24 hours support with a live chat option (no reply even after 15 minutes of waiting), though phone support is provided for the US only, free website transfer is too available, returning customer discount is provided, no hidden fee except which is mentioned in the pricing and automatic setup as well, these are few basic things that one should expect from a good hosting provider and arvixe is providing all these.

One of the best parts about hosting your blog or website with is that all of the customers get a free domain name for a lifetime, which actually makes it more cost-effective, and this saves you around $10-15 annually. This is a bonus point when comparing to any other hosting company as you may get a free domain for a single year with many hosting companies but here you get the free domain for a lifetime, this is valid only till you are hosting your site with them.

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Let me now discuss with you guys the hosting plans offered by, the company offer’s five different hosting plans that one can choose to depend upon the requirements and a choice, these plans a Personal class, Business Class, Reseller Class, VPS Class, and Dedicated class, all these hosting plans have different configurations and differences, let us discuss different plans and their configurations.


Starting with personal class hosting, its a Linux shared hosting which is one of the most commonly used web hosting on the web, it’s used mostly by bloggers and small business owners as they don’t have very high traffic site and limited customers and visitors, this type of hosting is one of the best if you are trying WordPress, Drupal or Joomla.

This plan comes with unlimited disk space and monthly data transfer, with this plan you can host a total of 6 domains in total, you get a CPanel and advertising coupons and much more stuff which you can view here, all this stuff at a reasonable rate of $4 per month.

A-Pro plan too is available in which you can host unlimited domains that are available at $7 per month.

If you want to host you, site you can do so at a reasonable cost of $5 for hosting six domains and for $8 for unlimited domains.

Looking at add-ons you can purchase priority support at $20/month and an SSL certificate for $25/year. (Using an SSL certificate makes the site look more authoritative and is now an SEO factor.

Talking about the Business plan, it increases reliability and increases uptime by decreasing the number of persons on each server. You get all same stuff as in a personal class plan added an SSL certificate for life in this plan and this cost you $22 for six domains and $35 for unlimited domains.

It thus is more reliable than the personal plan. You can host six sites for $27 and unlimited no of sites at $40. You can have a complete look at the business plan here. The only addon you can take with this plan is priority support that is available at $20 per month.

Want more than something shared, then you should have a look at VPS, the virtual private servers are available in different plans which include VPS Class (Lite) VPS Class, VPS Class Pro versions the main points here to look at our fully managed server which you get only in pro version, dedicated disk space is 20GB, 50GB, 100GB respectively, the memory is 1 GB, 1.5GB & 3 GB with 2, 4 & 8 CPU cores respectively.

One of the benefits that the VPS Class and their Pro users get is that they get two different IP addresses. The pricing is $20, $40, and $70 monthly while for sites the pricing is $30, $60, and $100 respectively. Couples of add-ons are available which you can choose from depending on your needs like extra RAM, Space, Backup, and support.  Have a look at complete VPS plans here. provides dedicated servers are available as well, a full-fledged dedicated server for you, one of the benefits is that you get full control over your web applications. With this you get server management, dedicated support, you can opt for multi-processor servers that you can customize according to your needs and get the best performance.

These start from $429 per month, you can too opt for cloud hosting that starts from $108 per month, you can have a look at dedicated hosting plans here.

If you are a reseller then you can sell hosting as well, this starts from $20 a month and ranges to $50 per month when you look to the pro version, the cost of reseller plan increases when you want hosting.

There are some restrictions like disk space and monthly data transfer in this plan, but these are sufficient to go with. Have a complete look at reseller plans here.

Thus overall when you have a look at all plans and hosting packages you see that the company offers for all types of websites and in all price ranges, added the company provides good customer support and offers like free advertising and a free domain for all and free SSL certificates on some hosting plans as well.

When compared to other big brands stands tall as they have been in this business from 2003, and one can rely on them though there may exist some problems, they can be solved easily.