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One of the hardest tasks I found in daily life is to choose a certain thing from a bunch of other. The previous day, I went to ice-cream parlour and got exhausted by the variety they have, from Swiss chocolate to black current, I simply couldn’t find out for which one to go for. Luckily, I went for Swiss Chocolate and found it that—leave that I felt on top of the world!

Everyone wants to choose the right product. Nobody wants to get the wrong one.

Similarly, choosing the right web hosting service for your WordPress website is a really tedious and daunting job. Everyone wants to invest their money in the right place and not run into much trouble and loss, don’t you?

The problem starts with the fact that there are so many options available to choose from, users get confused on which one to buy. There are dozens of web hosting companies for small business which claims to offer the best solution to your hosting woes, to host your content online which confuses you more than ever.

Even there are people who are bored with their current hosting providers and looking for new hosts to help them out.

So keeping in mind with that, we decided to make a round-up all the top web hosting companies out there.

5 Best Web Hosting Providers to Start a Blog

#1. HostGator

HostGator Plans

It has been one of the most reputed and well-known hosting provider in the industry. With its great customer service and support and great uptime, HostGator is really a great solution to your hosting problems.

It has got three plans which are—hatchling, baby and business plans. Each with their very own set of features. Plans start from $3.96 per month (Hatchling) with several awesome features.

It has got unlimited bandwidth and disk space to satisfy all of your needs. It even comes with beautiful looking site templates to start off with.

Even with their cheapest plan, they offer some great incentives such as AdWords credit worth $100, unlimited email facility and 1-click install which ensures you get your job done quickly.

#2. BlueHost


BlueHost is HostGator’s one of the bitter rivals and great arch-nemesis. BlueHost has been around for a longer time out here, getting established in 1996. After it’s buyout in 2010, it got a boost injected in the company of $20 Million, which it used to establish their very own data centres (3 of them). Due to that, it guarantees and (also delivers) about 99% uptime.

Unlike HostGator, BlueHost doesn’t charge monthly, and you have got to pay per yearly basis. And also unlike HostGator, it doesn’t offer more than one plan. But, just like HostGator, it offers unlimited disk space and bandwidth covering all your major needs.

Along with that, it offers unlimited file transfer, unlimited email, domain parking, e-commerce features (if you like to establish an e-commerce website), and also with basic features like one-click WordPress installs.

#3. ASmallOrange

ASmallOrange Plans

Compared to the former two, ASmallOrange is relatively new. But has got almost everybody’s attention to it. The best part about it is that there are several types of plans (more than 3 like in HostGator) to satisfy every type of your needs. And plans start as cheap as 3$ per month

And don’t take cheap as lacklustre in features. Even though it’s cheap, it comes packed with unlimited subdomains and emails and databases.

Along with them, they have got an awesome, dedicated and a responsive customer support team which is always ready to help you 24 x 7 hours a week. Isn’t that great?

#4. SiteGround


With plans starting from as low as $4 per month, SiteGround is an efficient host which delivers action-packed performance without costing much. With the plan you have got a free domain (for life) and even free site moving!

To ensure about how much sure they are about their product, they even offer a 30-Day money back guarantee. The best part is that they are fully optimized for WordPress. Firstly, they offer one-click installation of WordPress. Moreover, their servers are specifically optimized for WordPress.

They have got great deal of security with it and also not to forget auto-backup and auto-upgrade integrated with it. It even claims to more than 95% uptime and thanks to its multi-server location over all the three continents—Europe, North America and Asia it even performs to its limit.

It has also got an innovative feature called SuperCacher which enhances your website’s both caching speed and performance at the same time.

One of the incredible parts of SiteGround is the response time for support, don’t know how but they manage to reply you within 10 minutes and under!

#5. InMotion Hosting


Compared to the other hosts, InMotion has plans starting from a bit too much from $6 per month. But to justify that, they have got an equally top-of-the-class support team. It comes with its Speed Zone Technology which helps websites to run smoothly without much lags or downtime.

Just like SiteGround, they offer a 90-day money back guarantee to justify that they are the best ones. It also offers you $75 FREE Google AdWords credit to get you started.