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On this website we talk about top web hosting companies which are helping entrepreneurs all across the world.

As the businesses online are growing so the demand of web hosting companies are also flourishing. All businesses are different from each other so selecting a right web host for your business might be a difficult task for you.

There are tons of companies on the internet which are offering cheap web hosting or claiming themselves as one of the best web hosting sites.

Some people are looking only for small business web hosting where some are starting their online career by investing big amount.

But the point to keep in mind is you must go for a hosting only after analyzing the nature of your business.

You might be building some event based websites which are high traffic driving websites, so in that case shared hosting is not sufficient for you, either you’ll have to got for VPS or dedicated server as per the estimated amount of

On the other hand some people build their website just to showcase their services or to display their portfolio. In that case there is no need to go for VPS or dedicated server because you are going to have very limited traffic which you can handle with the shared hosting very easily.

Here we will talk about best web hosting sites which we have personally used over the years and found them perfect to run websites or blogs.

All the best web hosting companies about which we will talk in this article are based on our experience, so we are going to put our best to help you select a good hosting company for your online business.

#1. ASmallOrange

This is our best choice because this website has been hosted on ASmallOrange server.

We are using this hosting to host one of our high traffic websites and getting very good results.

Why ASmallOrange?

This is a leading hosting provider who believe in delivering the best speed for your website. To provide fast response for your website they have added SSD disks on their servers. These are the fastest disks to make your website load much faster than your competitors.

They have following plans which you can grab as per your business need:

  1. Shared Hosting – Starting $35/year
  2. VPS Hosting – Starting $20/month
  3. Semi-Dedicated Hosting – Starting $60/month
  4. Dedicated Hosting – $125/month

Note: You can use coupon code pOZs2 to get 15% discount on your first invoice.

#2. BlueHost

This is the top most choice of all big players. But as we are having only few of our websites hosted on BlueHost so we are putting it on number 2.

They are best known for their cheap shared hosting plans.

Select Hosting Plans

  1. Starter Package – $3.39/month
  2. Plus – $5.95/Month
  3. Business – $13.95/Months

Note: All the prices are applicable for 3 years plans.

#3. InMotion

InMotion is another perfect solution to host small business websites.

They have starting plans:

  1. Shared Hosting – Starting $5.99/month
  2. VPS Hosting – Starting $29.99/month
  3. Dedicated Hosting – $119.99/month

You get

  • Secure connections & remote management with SSH
  • Use WP-CLI to easily manage multilple WordPress accounts
  • Use Ruby, PHP, MySQL, & PostgreSQL to develop to your site
  • GUI server management with cPanel – included FREE

They will provide cPanel to manage your hosting at one place and world-class support to get in touch with them anytime.

#4. WP Engine

This is a special hosting for WordPress websites only.

So if you are starting your business website hosted on WordPress platform then this hosting is highly recommended. We have already written a detailed WPEngine Hosting review on our blog which will help you to know more about the features and benefits to buy this hosting.

Here are some of the keypoints of this hosting

  1. Highly secure server
  2. Specially developed for WordPress users only
  3. Threat protection
  4. Very fast servers
  5. Awesome customer support
  6. Hacking protection
  7. Online Backup

Basically they offer 4 different plans

  1. Personal – $29/month (single WordPress website)
  2. Professional – $99/month (10 WordPress websites)
  3. Business – $249/month (25 WordPress websites)
  4. Entreprise – Contact them for more info

Traffic these plans can handle

  1. Personal – 25k visitors
  2. Professional – 100k visitors
  3. Business – 400k visitors
  4. Entreprise – 1 Million+ visitors

#5. Site Ground

This is another big name in the industry.

They have plans:

  1. Shared Hosting – Starting $3.95/month
  2. VPS Hosting – Starting $54/month
  3. Dedicated Hosting – Starting $217/month
  4. Reseller Hosting – $42/year

They have dedicated WordPress and Joomla hosting which they introduced in the market to provide special service to people running websites on these CMS.

Here are shared hosting plans


They offer features like:

  1. 99.9% uptime guarantee
  2. 1-click account setup
  3. Immediate Activation
  4. Live Setup Assistance
  5. Best Support
  6. Enhanced cPanel to make working easier
  7. Free Setup & Transfer
  8. Free Domain Name
  9. cPanel & SSH Access
  10. Free Daily Backup

Final Words:

These are some of the best web hosting providers which we have personally used and recommend to use if you are just starting your business. You can start your business by selecting shared hosting at the starting days because this is a very cheap option.

Once your business will start growing, you can go for the VPS or dedicated server as per your traffic requirements.

These web hosting sites are proven best players in the industry, so go ahead and grab one.