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BlueHost Black Friday Deal

70% Discount

  • Start Date: 27th November

Business requires a website, but it is a daunting task to create and maintain it. Of course, you can design and create basic ones like the However, if you are really interested in taking your business to new heights, then you would need to take a plunge into the world of web hosting services.

BlueHost is one of the best web hosting service providers and does a great job in balancing the features and prices for firms and businesses that require a small amount of hand-holding along with providing various options for the experienced administrators. Compared to other hosting service providers,

BlueHost has got less or you can say the lowest startup costs and provides one of decent kind of option.

BlueHost provides web hosting services that have got the best comprehensive list of features that is awesome for any shared hosting plan. Sometimes you may feel at the first glance that the key components are limited, however, the numbers would be sufficient for those people who only want to be shared hosting.

Web Hosting Packages

The biggest feature of the BlueHost is that it does not provide month-to-month web hosting options. Instead of that, one would have to sign up for annual plans. And if an individual signs up for a two or three years plan, then he or she would get some suitable discounts. So, if you feel that you are going to stay put for about three years, then $3.95 each month, is an attractive rate.

But those people who are not interested in the lengthy commitments may want to go for the month-to-month option which is provided by other hosting service providers. There is the Starter shared hosting package, where the individual has to pay $5.99 each month for one year contract. This package consists of a free domain name which can be kept as long as one has the BlueHost, free transfer of the domain, a massive 100GB of storage, ability to host a website, unlimited monthly transfer of data, etc.

The Plus package is where one would have to pay $9.99 each month on a year contract. Here there are some added features like an antispam tool, unlimited storage, mailboxes, and websites. The business package, Business Pro starts at $19.99 each month which is for a single year is the best and great BlueHost hosting plan. It provides a dedicated IP address, site backup, SSL certificate, two anti-spam applications, etc. There are a variety of options and it is quite great for those people who like certain aggression in upselling.

Fast Domain and iPage

What could attract business firms to the BlueHost is that it offers backup tools, a jumpstart for optimization of a search engine, site lock, and domain security, Google Apps for work, etc. Such features are not automatically tracked to the hosting plan and it provides the users to choose and verify the add-ons and not get them added to the cart as default.

Furthermore, BlueHost even tried to upsell the one-year subscription plan to other tools and services like PostiveSSL certification, goMobi mobile website builder, etc. Nowadays, many of the firms that rely on the shared hosting plan would not like or want to have a dedicated IP address, however, this feature provided by BlueHost is quite attractive along with the advanced requirements.

Virtual Private Servers

If you are looking for more power, a high amount of traffic volumes, require specific kinds of compliance needs which sometimes could avoid you from using the shared servers, then the VPS (Virtual Private Servers) of the BlueHost is the best options that one can consider. Unlike other hosting service providers, the BlueHost gives about four-tier Linus-related VPS hosting. This ranges from the standard version of $29.99 per month to about $119.9 per month.

Support and Help

Soon after the payment for the service is done, the representatives of the BlueHost would call the customer to provide verification by giving the photocopy or the scan copy of the back of the credit card, which was used for purchasing. This kind of verification and security makes BlueHost one of the best web hosting service providers owned by the EIG which always remains on the top ten list of the awesome web hosting services. The support staffs are quite cordial and helpful and provide fast-feedback as and when required.


There are various free hosting service provides who are easy to find and implement. They provide a various anti-spam filter which has got the own button on the cPanel. Of course, there are other web hosting service providers who provide a shared and secured socket layer, but it requires extensive research. However, with the BlueHost, it is has got its own security layers and anti-spam filters which provide the best protection.

To conclude, BlueHost is quite easy and fast and that is why it is listed in the list of the ten best web hosting service providers.