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Cheapest Web Hosting

So you’ve got a domain, and now you need a good, reliable, secure and quality server, but you don’t want to burn a hole in your pocket, right? Yeah, I got that much from your last Google search. Well, how about getting you some really Cheap Web Hostings?

So the point is, there are so many options out there, that it literally confuses you, you get tensed, you get messed up with so many options that you don’t know which to go with anymore. Every company out there claims to be better than the other, but only after actually spending some time with the company you figure out that your money just went into the drain.

It happened with me too, happens with everyone. And with the experience a lot of things came to me, one of them was differentiating between the servers which were worth the money, and the ones which were total crap.

But don’t take my word for it, I’m not making up stories. Instead I’ll list out the features right here, of these Top 5 cheapest hosting companies for you, and you’d just start loving them, that’s a promise.



I don’t think I need to write this down for you, but BlueHost IS indeed an industry leader when it comes to web servers. And the best thing about Bluehost? It’s specifically made for WordPress!

And guess what it starts at? $3.95/mo! Now, make a small calculation and I’m sure you spend more than that on your snacks in the month, or probably in the week itself.

So what’s the harm in getting extremely reliable and fast Web Servers from industry leaders like Bluehost? I know only the pricing won’t be enough to convince you, although I don’t need to, because BlueHost is such a brand which doesn’t need convincing, still to make it easier for you I’m listing out the features you’re going to get with Bluehost, for as low as $3.95!

  • Unlimited Space!
  • Free Domain Name!
  • Free Drag & Drop site builder. ( Wow, you don’t need to touch even the codes )
  • Spam Protection!
  • Unlimited Bandwidth

And hundreds of other features.

Not satisfied? Well, WHSR did a survey back in 2015 asking 25 industry leaders about their favorite web host, and see here’s what they said.

Bluehost Trust

If you aren’t still convinced, still give it a try, that is the best way to clear your doubts.



The reason for me including Bluehost was it’s trust and reputation. But when it comes to pricing, JustHost is about the cheapest Web server that exists around the Globe. It starts with an amount as low as $2.50 per month! 

I’m sure this too is such an amount which you normally spend in a day or two, just over your petrol, snacks, or maybe just over your grooming. I mean seriously, could this get any cheaper?

And no, they aren’t selling shit, in fact they have a very well carved out, fit for your needs package even at that price!

JustHost includes:-

  • Domain Name Registration
  • Site Builder with Templates
  • e-Commerce Shopping Carts
  • $100 Google Advertising Offer
  • Control Panel – Powered by cPanel
  • Instant Setup!

See? What else are you looking for?  Trust me these resources are more than you’d even need to kickstart your online business right now!



Well, Inmotion too, just like Bluehost is more than just a reputed brand. It’s one of the first thoughts that strikes up anyone’s mind when you’re talking “cheap web hosting servers”!

And no, this is not what I’m saying, so don’t take my word for it. It’s what the hundreds of thousands of loyal customers who’ve been with Inmotion since 2001 are saying ! A company can’t just withstand 16 long years of competition if it’s not good enough right?

And for all that trust and reputation and service, what is Inmotion demanding from you? A mere $4.89 per month!

Well yes, it looks a bit expensive compared to BlueHost or JustHost, but why not take a look at the features? They aren’t just taking away your extra $2 for nothing, right? There must be a reason! And it is.

  • Super Fast Servers: – I don’t need to tell you that the speed of your servers is extremely crucial when it comes to your SERP, ranking, or even just the User experience. A slow server, will just kill your site, or, at least, your reputation. Well, that’s something Inmotion takes care of! Take a look at the below screenshot, and if you know what “Time to First Byte” is, you’d know those numbers are pretty amazing.


If you don’t know what First byte is, let me just put it simply for you that, it’s the time taken by the server to respond to a user’s query, and it is a direct ranking factor too! Wow, that’s big, right? And for that kind of speed, trust me you don’t have to worry about Google or your visitors, they’re just going to fall in love with it.

And except that of course you’re getting:-

  • Traditional Cpanel
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Super awesome support

and lot’s of other things. For less then $5, I’d say that’s a pretty reasonable price: Service ratio!

A2 Hosting


A2Hosting again is another Industry leader when it comes to hostings. Yes, just because these companies offer the cheapest possible web servers doesn’t mean no one knows about them.

In fact I can boldly say that Either BlueHost, Inmotion or even A2 hosting can compete for neck to neck with almost any major “high-priced” servers out there, it’s just that these companies try actually to offer you good enough services for a cheaper price than them, period.

What will you get with A2Hosting?

  • Unlimited Space.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Super Fast Speed.

And hey, that’s not all! If you’re a developer, who’s a bit inclined towards programming knowledge and takes interest in more advanced features, even then A2 hosting knows how to keep you satisfied ! And here’s how it does so:-

  • PHP (4 versions)
  • Unlimited MySQL 5.5 Databases
  • PostgreSQL 9.1
  • phpMyAdmin & phhpPgAdmin
  • SSH access
  • Apache 2.2
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Python
  • Ruby
  • PERL
  • Git, CVS, Subversion & Mercurial

Need anything more? For a cost as low as $3.92 per month! See? That’s like, nothing, compared to the service! In fact trust me I’d go for A2hosting even if it was around $5/month, cause man it’s just worth it!

Okay here’s a real life data proof for you. Upon testing the speed of A2hosting on 8 different locations of the world, the company ranked a whooping B+ .

A2Hosting SpeeDTest

Well let me tell you, that’s like an extremely good score, because most companies either rank B, or much lower than it. So what you waiting for? Don’t you think you should rush and get it ? Yes like….right now! 



When you’re talking about WebServers, how can I dare to miss Hostgator out?

Ah Duh, it’s so low in this list? Let me tell you, this listing pattern isn’t based on “performance” or anything, I’ve put Bluehost on Top and Hostgator here just because I had to start at least from somewhere right? So don’t take the position of these companies as rankings.

Okay, so I’m totally sure you’ve heard the name before. It’s one of the oldest companies in this market, and one of the most trusted of course.The plans are divided into three packages, starting from as low as Rs 222/month or $4.86/month only!

Yes, it’s not as cheap as BlueHost, but what difference does one extra dollar make? Especially with a company like Hostgator? What do I mean by “a company like Hostgator?” ? Good question, well here’s what I mean :-

  • Unlimited Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 99% Uptime
  • High-quality Support.

That’s just the basics of all the vast features you’ll be getting.  Well, I always say “speed” is one of the most crucial things to look for when it comes to choosing your server, so let’s see what Hostgator’s results were !


Wow, B . Out of the 24 alphabets, scoring anywhere above should be considered a pretty impressive metric, especially for $4.86/mo! Want a secret? Here’s a 25% discount coupon from my side for you! Don’t tell me you still aren’t going for Hostgator! The price is extremely low; you’re getting a discount + Millions of users trust Hostgator for their business, just try to name me an excuse, I dare you!



When I set out to write this review, I was initially targeting 5 companies, but then I suddenly saw FatCow, and trust me I couldn’t resist.

Yes, the name might seem ages old, but trust me their servers aren’t!

Okay, what was your last internet pack recharge? $10? $20? Or how much did you pay mcDonaldz the last time you were there? $50-60? What If I tell you I can get you a Whole year’s servers, for as low as $49 / YEAR !! 

Yes, you heard it right, it’s not a month’s price, but the whole year. Give me one example where you’d find anything at a cheaper rate than this! And the point being that FatCow servers are offering you a very reliable, fast and secure server for that price!

  • Unlimited Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 18+ YEARS OF Track record ! (A company, which isn’t good enough, could never survive in this kind of super high competition market, for over 18 years ! )
  • Uptime: – It’s no use having a super fast server and unlimited bandwidth if your servers aren’t UP, right? Well, FatCow took care of it, according to a study by , FatCow has an uptime of 99.85%! That’s like, the best that there is!
  • Daily Backups: – This is a scenario where fatcow actually seems to be better then some of the above-listed companies. It offers you daily, free backups even on the $49/year plan ! Which you won’t possibly find on the above companies on their cheapest plans !

Final Verdict:-

The companies listed above, are among the Cheapest Possible Servers that there are in the world.

Companies, which provide value for money. Meaning, even at this price, you’re getting premium services, features, and lot’s of other things for which you might be normally expected to pay hundreds of dollars.

And the best part is, these companies aren’t yesterday startups ! Instead, these have endured the beat of time and have been molded in the fire of experience, and that’s why you can bet your career with them, because they have exactly the recipe needed for your success.

If you’ve ever had any experience with these companies, do let me know in the comments, either positive or negative. It helps to make this review better.