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Cloud Hosting

Almost every other web hosting service uses the word ‘cloud’ in the list of facilities offered by them. So what exactly is cloud web hosting? And why is it considered so coveted that everybody just needs to have in their repertoire of services?

Cloud web hosting may be comparable to a utility rather than an entity or a product. It utilizes a host of machines and servers to provide the end user the service that they desire.

The user need not bother about the workings and details of the service availed by them; that is the job of the cloud web hosting service provider. As a result, the user has the freedom of carrying on their business without having to worry about any hardware glitches or lacunae.

Since cloud web hosting is so convenient for the individual or entity availing it, the 5 biggest benefits of using the service are elaborated below.

Usage as per need

Since a cloud server is similar to a utility, it can be used just as utility too. All one needs to do is avail it whenever needed and then ‘disconnect’ the service. Due to this provision, one only has to pay for the amount that is consumed; this eliminates the necessity of estimating usage traffic and then selecting a web hosting service.

If one judges this usage incorrectly, one either pays too much or ends up having an overload crisis. But with cloud web hosting, all of these roadblocks are eliminated.


As cloud web hosting does not involve a single machine, but a host of machines working towards the same goal, even if one of them stops functioning, the others compensate for it and the service goes on as it should.

And as the servers are dedicated to a single end user, any problems with someone else’s usage or hardware would not affect the user in question. As a result, if there is a problem, its origin is known and hence solving it is not difficult.

All of this provides immense stability that other forms of web hosting cannot offer.


As mentioned above, a cloud server is a virtual dedicated server. Nobody other user can affect its functioning apart from the user paying for it. Neither can anybody else make any modifications on the server. As a result, the safety of web hosting on a cloud server is increased multifold.

It should be noted that not all virtual dedicated servers are cloud servers. Hence, they may not provide the all the security benefits of a cloud server and web hosting using such servers is by extension not as secure and stable as cloud web hosting. WP Engine hosting is one such managed WordPress cloud hosting provider which is best known for the security.

Easy upgrades

In the case of a physical server, upgrading is an arduous task. It involves procuring new hardware each and every time. And this is not something that can be done instantly. It takes a substantial amount of time for the entire process to take place.

When using cloud servers for web hosting, scaling up is quite a simple process as the end user does not own any hardware and their data is stored on a cloud server rather than a single physical server. It is very quick and convenient to add memory space, disk space and other such upgrades when utilizing cloud web hosting.


Cloud web hosting is much more economical than other forms of web hosting. As mentioned earlier, the user only has to pay for what they use. This reduces the costs involved quite a lot. Furthermore, the users does not have any overhead costs. They do not have to invest in any hardware and hence do not need to bother about its upkeep and maintenance.

For the same price, cloud web hosting will offer many more resources than other hosting methods. And it is will be faster too, and more efficient, making it a value for money deal.

Thus, it can be seen that cloud web hosting services are designed for providing their customers every possible convenience and comfort. Very soon, they just might make the conventional web hosting services redundant.