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When you are writing a new blog post the first thing that comes to your mind is setting up an attractive featured image, right?

After all, that’s the first thing that your audience notices. The images. According to a study, images get 94% more attention and are noticed faster compared to text.

Especially if you’re into the marketing thing, I’m pretty sure you know how important images are. In fact more than 42% of the sales of E-commerce stores is based on how good their product image is, and the same goes for a blog post.

Most people. Even now, go around Google, search for an image and put it up on their blog. Well, unfortunately, that’s all it takes to screw your whole internet career up, or even the whole life. A copyright infringement, if filed against you, will just ruin your life, period.

Okay that might sound complicated for you, so I’ll just make things easier, let’s talk about the different types of image licenses available, so that you at least know why you need separate sources for stock images, and not just download it from any possible place.

Types of Image Licenses:-

There is a long list of image licenses, but it broadly consists of two main types..

  • Rights Managed licenses are licenses which act like your pre-paid sim card balance. You pay only for using them, at a particular location, for a certain amount of time.
  • Royalty free images are the second-class licenses. They are also the most popular, and economically profitable. You pay a one-time fee to the creator or photographer. After that the image is totally yours to modify, edit, use , delete or do whatever.

Well, you don’t exactly need to mess your head around, or empty out your pockets trying to buy premium stock images. The best part is, you can actually scrape premium stock images, totally free of cost.

That’s what I’m sharing in this article, 11 awesome websites to download free stock images.

11 awesome websites to download free stock images:-

#1. UnSplash:-

Unsplash image

Unsplash is one of the best sources for you to download free stock images. Not just free, but premium. In fact I’d happily would have paid for their images, that’s the kind of “class” they’ve got.

They update their galleries with 1 new photo every week, well you need not worry about that not being a big number, because they’ve been doing this since years, so you’ll have enough options to choose from.

#2. SplitShire


I must admit, the name itself sounds too classy for me, just like it’s images!

It’s a site run personally by Daniel Nanescu, a photographer, who shares his images, to be freely used by the world, without ever asking for anything in return!

#3. Death To Stock Photos

Death To Stock Photos

Ah, that’s harsh, right?

Nobody knows what’s their problem with “paid” stock photos, but in all certainty, they are committed to delivering you free stock images, to your inbox every month.

You’ll be getting 10 premium stock photos in your email-Id’s every month, totally free of cost. And they have a nice mock -up touch too, meaning if you’re a professional designer you can even use the images while designing mock ups for your clients!

#4. FreeStocks


I’m sure the name says it all; freestocks offers you a varied range of possible stock images, all for free.

You get scenarios, mock-ups, high-resolution abstract patterns and what not, nobody knows how they make their living if they are giving away all their talent for free, under the creative commons license.

The best thing about FreeStocks is you get a big, a really big list of categories. And even tags. You can just click on them, and they’ll lead you to your destination. There is a search bar of course but in most cases you wouldn’t need to use it, the homepage has got it all.

#5. JayMantri


Jay Mantri is the kind of platform, that has a relation to days of the weeks, and no one knows what exactly.

My reason for saying so is, they post 10 new photos to their gallery, but only on every “Thursday.” Now what’s the deal with Thursdays is a real mystery, but well it works out for us.

#6. SnapWire Snaps


Well, they upload 7 photos, every week. Not daily, but weekly. So if you check them out every week, you’ll get more images then you’ll ever need. I don’t suppose you write 1 blog post every day, right?

#7. Took a Pic

Took A Pic

Took a Pic is not just another website for you to find free stock images, instead it’s a full-fledged marketplace where you can find both paid, and free images.

There is a filter for you to browse through free images, but if you’re feeling heavy on your pocket, or aren’t satisfied with the free stuff, you can always go with the paid ones.

#8. ImCreator


ImCreator is a platform where the images are curated. Curated in the sense, the images aren’t made by Imcreator teams, or photographed by them. Instead, various sources are responsible and the actual owners of the images.

Well, you can definitely use ImCreator images for free, but just make sure you check the license before doing so. As some images “might” require attribution to the owners.

#9. PicJumbo:-


PicJumbo is a source you can rely upon, when you need a lot of pictures done.

They upload a lot of pictures, daily, and totally free for you. They also boast a wide variety of categories, so you won’t have a problem finding your match with them.

#10. SuperFamous Studios

SuperFamous studios

SuperFamous studio is an actual studio based in Los Angeles, California.

They offer you some super awesome stock images, totally free ! The only condition is they should be credited.

#11. Life of Pix


putting it simply, they add new awesome free stock photos every week. Free for you to download, as simple as that

Final Words:-

The sites I’ve shared above are the ultimate source for you, to find free stock images for your next blog post.

Stock images, greatly increase audience engagement, of course they would because after all, they are premium stuff, right? Now, stock business is a good business, a lot of people spend hundreds of dollars buying stock images.

That shows they’re valuable, but if you can get them for free, why buy, right?

Hope the above platforms lend help to you, if any more issues arise regarding the topic, or you need couple more sources, do let me know in the comments, it’s always great to hear from you guys.