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GoDaddy Black Friday Deal 2020

GoDaddy Black Friday Sale

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GoDaddy Black Friday deal: most awaited deal to buy domain names at a very cheap price.

The number of start-ups today is increasing manifold and it has become somewhat of a trend. Engineers, Doctors, Charters Accountants, or people of any other profession are up for it. With the rise in start-ups, there is going to be a massive competition as well and thus everyone wants to have something that stands out.

One of the most crucial points here is the way we communicate with our business ideas with the masses in general through various Media around us. Internet in today’s world has become one of the best ones and registering your own site is crucial for your business and GoDaddy has been a massive help here.

The brainchild of Bob Parsons, GoDaddy has been serving us with domain and hosting services since 1997. GoDaddy is a site where you can register your own domain name and also offers website hosting services.

GoDaddy Black Friday Deal 2020 Review

Domain services are services that are the most crucial in your website development. It searches domains all over the internet and lets you know if you can register or not. Domain in layman’s terms means your site name. Listed below are various domain name options

#1 Find a Domain

  • You have the option of finding your domain here
  • You can click on the link domain name search and search if it is already been taken or not
  • The Bulk Domain Search enables you to search for bulk on domain names you would like to have
  • This search is better since you can find multiple domain options for your site at once
  • You have an option to check out new domain extensions available for your site which broadens your options with the website domain name.
  • You can also purchase the domain you want through a Domain broker on
  • This way there is a middle man in your transaction
  • You can also buy the already in use domain name through a domain broker who can negotiate a deal with the current domain holder for you so that you can get the domain you want.
  • You have an option to create a personal domain and link it to your Facebook page as well.

#2 Domain services

  • GoDaddy enables you with the option of Domain transfer as well. Domain Transfer is simple and all you have to do is enter your domain name and hit go.
  • After purchase authorize it via your email id and receive a confirmation mail
  • You also have the option of keeping your domain private through GoDaddy
  • The WHOIS option is a very useful option for GoDaddy users. In case of your desires domain is already taken, you can go on to the WHOIS option and search the domain owner details
  • This way you can easily contact the owner and negotiate any details for it if needed
  • This is a widely used service and has proven to be very helpful

#3 Auctions

  • You have an option to auction your domain over GoDaddy as well.
  • You have an option to sell your domain to other users who would be interested in buying your domain
  • Domain Auction is an easy process. All you have to do is enter the domain keyword you would want and hit go.
  • A list of options would come up of domains that you can buy and you can start bidding for them.
  • You can also put up your domain for sale over via an auction
  • You can do this in the List A Domain option
  • There are many other tools as well which assist you in auctions
  • GoDaddy pricing helps in pricing for your domain and makes selling your domain easier and purchasing more affordable

#4 Investor Tools

  • There are many investor tool options available on GoDaddy as well such as discount domain clubs and domain backorders and also CashParking

Along with registering a domain for a website, hosting is equally important as well. GoDaddy realizes that Hosting is an important part of forming a website and has given its Hosting services as well

#5 Hosting services offered

  • There are a host of hosting options available on for its users such as web hosting, WordPress hosting dedicated IP and Premium DNS
  • In this way, GoDaddy has aimed at covering the most number of customers possible
  • Web hosting is easy on GoDaddy with their affordable rates and worth the money packages such as starter, economy, deluxe and ultimate
  • These packages are cost-based depending on your need ranging from providing an option of only having 30 GB storage to unlimited storage.
  • They also have discounts on these packages so that you can save up to 50% on purchasing these packs.
  • They have WordPress hosting packages as well ranging from just ₹99 per month to ₹999 to a month giving you extensive features of 8,00,000 monthly visitors and 50GB SSD storage along with 5 websites

What is GoDaddy Black Friday Deal 2020?

Every year on Black Friday, GoDaddy offers discounts on its domain registration and site hosting. They will continue the trend in 2020 and will offer some great deals on hosting. 

The company rarely offers any discounts, so if you’re looking to switch to a new host or get your brand online, the GoDaddy Black Friday Deal 2020 is the right deal to avail of.

GoDaddy Black Friday Deal 2020 FAQs

My hosting plan hasn’t run out yet. Can I use the GoDaddy Black Friday Deal 2020 later?

No, the deal is only valid during the specified offer period, and you cannot get the discount at a later time.
It’s important to note that discounts like these don’t come by often. If you miss the deal, you will likely need to wait till next year for a similar discount.

Can I try GoDaddy’s services before I get the GoDaddy Black Friday Deal 2020?

The company does not offer any free plans, so, unfortunately, you cannot try the services out before you get the deal.
However, GoDaddy gives its hosting customers a free domain if they opt to pay annually.

Will I get my money back if I end up not liking GoDaddy’s services?

If you get an annual plan, you can get your money back if you cancel the plan within 30 days. Monthly plan users only have 48 hours to cancel, post which they are not eligible for a refund.

Will I get free SSL certificates with the GoDaddy Black Friday Deal 2020?

If you get a managed WordPress hosting plan, you will get a free SSL certificate. 

I already host with GoDaddy. Can I avail of the GoDaddy Black Friday Deal 2020?

No, if you already host with GoDaddy, you cannot take advantage of the GoDaddy Black Friday Discount 2020.

GoDaddy Black Friday Deal 2020 Conclusion

GoDaddy has been in business for a long time and is extensively used by millions of users worldwide. This is the best to site to go to for domain creation and hosting options.

The unlimited bandwidth, availability of Windows hosting, and comfortable storage limits the company offers makes getting GoDaddy hosting a no-brainer.

Getting your hands on the GoDaddy Black Friday Deal 2020 is one of the best ways to get reliable hosting for cheap.

Make sure you don’t miss out!

So what are you buying on GoDaddy Black Friday discount in 2017?