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HostGator Black Friday Deal


  • HostGator Coupon: TBA
  • Start Date:  27th November 2020
  • End Date:  3rd December 2020

HostGator Black Friday deal is finally here where you can get a 65% discount on all hosting plans.

From Friday, November 27th, 12 am CST to Monday, November 30th, 11:59 pm CST, HostGator is offering an astounding 65% OFF ALL hosting packages and $5.99 .net & .com domains.

This is not as good HostGator Black Friday promo code as it used to be a few years back, as they were providing a 70-80% discount on all plans.

You just need to click on the link to activate the deals.

Let’s read about HostGator first.

In this article, I am going to cover everything about HostGator which is one of the best webs hosting service offers to all users. Before discussing its services, features, plans, etc.

Lets me explain what HostGator is.

HostGator Black Friday Deal 2020 Review

HostGator is a Houston-based provider that provides powerful web hosting services for website hosters, which was found in 2002 by the Endurance International groups.

The headquarters of the HostGator was currently present in Houston, Texas, and the United States.  Adam Farrar acts the role of CEO (Chief Executive Officer), who joins in the HostGator team in the month of March 2009.

The powerful web hosting – HostGator hosts more than 8 million domains across the world.

They believe that the reason behind their success is that their HostGator looks very easy to access and feel comfortable for the users.

In the web hosting competitive industry, HostGator got the name of a well-reputed web hosting industry. It carries some easy, and attractive features like one-click make WordPress to install and a 99.9% time guarantee.

The technical support is always available for web hosters as 24/7/365. HostGator has been used all over the world. HostGator gets 3.3/5 as its rate which was given by the HostGator users. It shows how good the HostGator works for the web hosters. If anyone who looks to host his/her first website, mostly they choose HostGator.

Look forward to seeing about what are the services, offers, supports, security provided by the HostGator.

#1 Security

Whenever we come to discuss hosting, the first thing the web hosters always look for is how much the website gets the Security from the web hosting.

HostGator satisfies those web hosters by securing their site and not to make the users get trouble from them.  HostGator team always looks to secure the websites from hackers as well as the DDoS attack (UDP flood).

To protect their servers, HostGator have extended firewall rule and they also have large mod_security rulesets for the security purpose.

To avoid disasters for their network due to massive flooding, they have their data center to enable the network level as flood protection.

They also look confident that their data centers have highly secured facilities with restricted access, and no one can hack their servers.

#2 Offers

To give some special offers to the web hosters, HostGator creates a partnership with so many companies. The secret behind the partnership is to create a demand for hosting service among the users.

Currently, the HostGator offers for WordPress hosting up to 35% which is starting at a price of $7.46/month. To enhance the HostGator web hosting service, it offers some of the special offers with some companies.

  • If you are the one who looks to develop an easily mobile site, HostGator offers you to go to goMobi
  • Are you the one who seems to create cloud backups, then it offers you to CodeGuard
  • If you like to enhance the security issues for your site, it allows you to go SiteLock
  • Looking to store in the cloud in freely? It sends you to JustCloud
  • If you look for the proxy protection and acceleration, it allows you to Cloudflare

#3 Services

There are various services available that help the users to work on it very easily and feel comfortable.

It offers 4,500 free website templates to the user to use for their website purposes. They don’t need to pay for the website template that they choose from it.

It also offers $100 to provide Google Adwords on their website. This makes most of the bloggers to feel happy because most of the bloggers always look for money. If the HostGator gives a $100 offer for Google Adwords, then most of the bloggers love to use it. The user can access the control panel at any time.

The traffic to visit the control panel was always avoided.

If the user wants to install the scripts on their website, the user just needs to click once. The script automatically gets installed.

Even though the user is a beginner to work in HostGator, the user can easily learn the process. HostGator offers all the necessary tools that the user needs to learn from start to end. It also has the feature of drag and drops website builder which allows the beginner to build the website manually.

Otherwise, the beginner can use free website templates. If you look to transfer the website from the prior host to another, it can quickly and conveniently do by HostGator.

If the user did not like to work on the HostGator, the HostGator return the hosting money to that user within 45 days. Most of the web hosters love to work in HostGator and support it.

What is HostGator Black Friday Deal 2020?

#1 Reseller Hosting

If you are looking to get a host where no one needs to your partner, this Reseller hosting plan is perfect for you. By buying the Reseller hosting, you get lots of special features from the HostGator. Let us see about those features one by one below.

  • Own hosting company (No need to share with others)
  • You can use as basic hosting or host others to get profit
  • It’s Perfect for multiple e-commerce websites
  • Linux server – perfect for WordPress
  • It offers Unlimited cPanel’s and only 1 WHM
  • Unlimited potential for IP’s and SSL
  • Private name servers allowed to the users
  • It has Limitations to 25% use of server resources
  • 25 simultaneous processes can be accessed by the users
  • HTTP video and audio streaming are allowed in this plan
  • HostGator creates weekly backups ($15 to request)

#2 Shared Web Hosting – Linux

If you are looking for the plan shared web hosting for Linux, then you get the features which is discussed below.

  • You get the Affordable and basic hosting
  • You can use those hosting for Hatchling, Baby, Business
  • Linux server – perfect for WordPress
  • Only 1 cPanel offered, but there will be no WHM
  • Its offers with the limitations of 1 IP, 1 SSL & 25% use of server resources
  • Private name servers are not allowed to the users
  • 25 simultaneous processes can be accessed by the users
  • HTTP video and audio streaming are allowed in this plan
  • HostGator creates weekly backups ($15 to request)

#3 Shared web hosting – Windows

If you are looking for the plan shared web hosting for Windows, then you get the features that are discussed below.

  • You get the Affordable and basic hosting
  • You can use as Personal and Enterprise
  • Windows server – perfect for ASP.NET
  • You can get the latest version of Plesk
  • Private name servers are not allowed to the users
  • It has the limitations of 25% use of server resources
  • 25 simultaneous processes can be accessed by the users in this plan
  • HTTP video and audio streaming are allowed in this plan
  • HostGator creates weekly backups ($15 to request)
  • No Remote Desktop is available in this plan(No RDP)

How to Activate HostGator Black Friday Deal 2020?

It is fairly simple to activate the HostGator Black Friday Deal. Follow the below step by step guide & you are ready to rock:

#1 Hit the Magical Link, which gives you a discount of up to 80%.

#2 Make sure to fill your personal details like name, email, phone number as requested on the form.

#3 In the end, complete the payment.

#4 Voila, you are ready to enjoy all the fantastic features of HostGator.

HostGator Black Friday Deal 2020 FAQs

Will HostGator provide Website Migration Feature?

Yes, you can easily migrate your websites using the HostGator QuickTransfer tool. 

Where is the HostGator Discount Coupon Code?

There is no need to apply coupon code. All you need to do is click on the above magical link in which there is no need to add discount coupons.

Can I Choose To Pay Monthly?

Yes, the company allows you to pay your hosting bills every month. 

Which is the best plan to buy from HostGator?

If you are running multiple sites, then Baby Plan will be the perfect suit for you. Also, this is a budget plan, and it doesn’t cost you much. 

HostGator Black Friday Deal 2020 Conclusion

Yes, the deal is worth considering! There is no doubt about the HostGator Black Friday Deal 2020. This is the right time to grab hosting from a reliable company like HostGator. 

They are trying their best to serve its customer with the best hosting plans at a discounted price. That’s why they are running discount of 80% off on all of their plans. Deal doesn’t end here; they are also offering free add ons too. 

Black Friday Sale 2020 is going to be the best sale for all the HostGator customers. This company is willing to offer the discount up to 80% off on all web hosting plans. Not only this, along with massive discounts, you are also getting various freebies, which include $100 Bing Ads Credit, $100 Google Adwords credit, and many more.

Moreover, they are providing free SSL and a free domain with all of their hosting plans. 

To be honest, you will not get that much massive discounted deals from any other brand. Hence, make your Black Friday special by adding these awesome deals from HostGator. What else can you possibly want? Grab fast before it gets out of stock. 

So which plan are you buying on this HostGator Black Friday?