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Make Money Blogging

Creating a blog is not that hard, but actually making money off it is.  A lot of people start a new blog every day out there, thinking to be a millionaire overnight. But well it might not exactly work that way.

What is done right, blogging is a trillion dollar industry, and there are more than 300 ways to monetize a blog, and how you do it is totally up on your own creativity, and talent?

The first mistake, people make when starting a new blog is, the expect to start a new blog and make money the next day. (Well, it’s easy, just not that easy!).

So, the reason of me writing this piece today comma just to give you a clear picture, of how exactly to make money off your blog.  But will take my word for it, it won’t happen overnight, it takes time

Does “Make Money Blogging” Really Work?

Well yes, it does.

If you look at the income reports from Matthew Woodward, or from,  on your doubts would be wiped away in an instant.


I have been living the Internet Lifestyle since last six years, and I’m pretty happy with it.

The people who said this doesn’t work, are the people who quit a bit too soon,  ok enough with the chit-chat, let’s get back to the topic.

So you own a blog?  And want to make a passive income from it right?  Well either join the list of a million other bloggers out there or just implement the strategies I’m sharing down there and put your hard work into it, you should see results.

Affiliate Marketing:-

Of course, I am listing it at the top here, why?

Because this simply is the one of the best methods, when it comes to making money off a blog. No, it is not magic, but it does work almost in a similar way,  the only difference is it has a logical reasoning behind you making the money, and the money doesn’t come off a tree.

What Exactly Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing

The above illustration from Suggarrae explains Affiliate Marketing in one of the easiest possible ways.

Ok, so its no, rocket science. The simplest explanation for affiliate marketing I can think of you is, there is a product in the market, you sell it off for the company, and you make a Commission.

(Okay, you already knew that, huh?)

Then why are you on this post, why are you not making any money?Because knowing the definition doesn’t make money,  there is a bit of science behind choosing the products, pitching the sales, and then finally making the money.

Choosing the Products for Affiliate Marketing:-

You definitely can promote almost any product out there in the market, but you don’t have to. Because there are lots of factors which come into play when actually making the sale, and of course, they vary on the commission.

So if you seriously want to take affiliate marketing as the profession, you have to be very selective and scientific while choosing the products.

Keep the following points in mind the next time you are going out there, and choosing a product and you should see your dollars rack of pretty soon.

  • Choose a product that has recurring commissions! You just can’t miss this, so much effort goes into making a sale, right? Why not reap off it’s benefits forever? So yeah, choose a product that pays you every month or has some kind of recurring system in place.
  • Choose a product that actually is worth promoting. Yeah take my word for it, if a product isn’t good enough, no one’s going to buy it no matter what the price range is, so yeah choose a product that seriously is good. How’d you know that? I always say try a product yourself, before actually promoting it out in the market, because you’re sticking your name to it, so it has to maintain the quality standards.
  • Commissions: – I know, this is the part you’d love. Well, choose a product that pays you at least over $50/sale. I mean below that, you’d have to make a lot of sales make any serious difference to your bank account.

Making an Affiliate Sale:-

Ok so now you have a product? Great. But how exactly to make the sale?  There probably are a thousand other people having the affiliate partnership with the product, right?  Why will you stand out? Why will people buy from your links and not from theirs?

So yeah let’s talk about how really to make the sales instead of just story lining.


Product Reviews are a great way to make sales if you own a blog it’s the perfect platform to share the product review. Ofcourse you have to be very creative, and confident while writing the product review, so that people actually buy.

Now, I don’t want to beat a dead horse here. But still let me just humor you. While writing the product review, make sure you have used the product yourself before promoting it out there.

Secondly, make the review an honest one. Meaning, point out the positives as well as the negative factors of the product, then give the visitors a sense of confidence in you and then they start taking your advice seriously.

Otherwise just pointing out the positive factors looks like just another promotional post that has got nothing to do with quality or trust.

Facebook Ads:-


Facebook ads work like a charm if you know how to make the work. And well when it comes to affiliate sales there a great way to make some money.

Now, it might not always be the easiest way out there, because you have to strategically plan your audience, your budget, the product landing page and a lot of other stuff.

But you do that part right, and you will be netting a hell lot of money.

I will just give you a basic Insight, on the main points you have to keep in mind while setting up a Facebook ad and the rest you can figure out. (Figure out?)

Well yeah you can actually figure out the stop yourself, in fact, I always say Facebook ads are all about experimentation the more you experiment out there, the most new tactics you’ll discovering for yourself.

  • CPC: – CPC is just the Cost per click. Now this is a bit high normally, but there are ways you can lower it down.
    • Make sure your audience isn’t from the USA because USA has one of the highest CPC when it comes to Facebook ads.
    • Targeting “Males” generally results in lower CPC than targeting females! (I don’t know why, but I spent my last couple months experimenting, and thus this is what I learned!).
    • CPC is not always controlled by you, over time, the more you spend, the lower your CPC comes down. So don’t break a leg if you initially don’t get 0.001$/click kind of CPC.
  • Facebook does not allow direct affiliate links in the ads. So  make sure you get a nice looking landing page, which describes the product, you have good testimonials on the page, and of course the buy now links this is the page you have to redirect your Facebook audience to

Email Marketing:-

Email marketing

All the big Gurus out there say, the money is on the list. So if you have not started making an email list yet, I feel sorry for you.

Not creating an email list, is probably the worst mistake you will ever make in your whole blogging career.

So well yeah, you need an email list in if you want to come successfully out with Affiliate Marketing thing.

How these stuff works is, you get a good product, write a good description,  a good subject header, make it convincing enough and mail with the product link to the email list.

Now, not everybody in your email list buys the product. Or well, most will not even open the email, but you have to make sure, for those who opened the email, you should get the sale done.

Let’s do a bit of calculation:-

You get a product that pays $50/sale -> You have an E-mail list (Which need not be very big, 1000-1500 is enough for starting out) -> You send the promotional E-mail to them -> Only 50% of them open it -> You get 500 people reading your E-mail, right? -> If you wrote a good enough mail, atleast 10% of them will buy it, right? -> 50 Sales -> $50X50= Easy $2500!

Even if you write the worst possible mail, you should get a minimum of 5-10 Sales for a list as big as 1000, so even then, you’re looking at easy $250-500 for just sending an E-mail out! (Talk about easy money!)

Tools you can use:-

To Create an E-mail List:- 1. OptinMonster. 2. SumoMe

To Create the Landing Pages:- 1. LeadPages 2. InstaPage.

To Automate the Email Marketing Process:- 1. Aweber.  2. Mailchimp.

So yeah that was about it for E-mail Marketing, use the right tools, the right strategy and you should see the dollars roll in.

Some Important Affiliate Brokers you Should Join:-

These are the “brokers”, meaning not all the programs have an in-built affiliate system in place. Instead, they use platforms like these to manage their affiliates and commissions!

To start making sales, you’ve to get approved from their brokers, so well here are some of the most successful and useful brokers to you:-


Ok, I know if you have ever ventured into making money with your blog, the one thing you definitely have heard about is AdSense.

Well, AdSense is not a money making machine I do, you still have to work hard, and implement the right strategy is if you ever want to make a single dime with AdSense.

But ok, before actually moving into the Strategies and stuff I think it’s fair of me to explain to you how exactly AdSense works, right?  Because I know you might be familiar with AdSense but you might not exactly know why AdSense ever pays you.

How does Adsense Work?

So ok, AdSense is an advertising platform, meaning what it basically does is it accepts advertising contracts from companies and Advertisers.

The functioning infrastructure of AdSense is such that, it gets paid every time somebody Clicks on a certain ad, so well it is like AdSense outsources the platforms where it displays the ads.

Simply put, there are two categories important for AdSense first are the advertisers to promote their ads via AdSense, and those are the people who actually pay the money.

Secondly, there is you, meaning the publisher the guy who publishes the ads on his website what AdSense does is it takes the contract and then it shows the ads on various websites.

Now AdSense gets paid every time somebody clicks on the advertisement, so all it does is it gives you a percentage of the money it is making.

The below screenshot should successfully explain to you how exactly Adsense works!


The difference between Adsense and Affiliate?

Well, yeah Affiliate products have their banners too, but you don’t get paid for the number of clicks on the banner, but instead you have actually to make sales in order to get commissions.

While, with AdSense, sales is none of your concern, all you have to do is, get the ads clicked.

Also, you get to choose the banners you want displayed on your sites when you are with Affiliates, but on AdSense, the ad banners are controlled by Google, and you can only control the placement of them.

How can You Make Money via Adsense?

So you must be wondering what’s hard in it, right? I mean all you have to do is create a website and well set up AdSense, huh?

Well, let me take you to the hard part it’s kind of hard getting accepted on AdSense.And that is one of the prime reasons why AdSense is not my favorite method of making money online, but well still it is one of the working methods that makes money online for people from the blogs.

Before exactly venturing into AdSense you have to keep in mind certain aspects. What AdSense does is, it shows ads relevance to the topic / niche of the site.  So you have to know every niche has a certain CPC meaning you’ll be paid only a certain amount for ads on that specific topic,  so if you don’t already have a site and are just trying to create one,  keep in mind you select the niche that has a high CPC.

Well, you can check out the niche CPC using the Google AdWords keyword planner. And the best news? It’s free!


So once you have high paying niche, all you have to do is apply for AdSense, and that you can do from

the Google team will take a look on your website, and if it fits the terms and conditions of Google AdWords, it will approve the application, get you a set of codes that will help you set up the AdSense on your blog.

Sponsored Posts:-

I’m sure, a lot of you on this post already own a blog, established blogs, with enough good content and engagement and your only problem right now probably are making money off it, right?

This is one of the easiest methods out there when it comes to making money off your blog; it is like you get paid for writing a post for someone on your blog about the topic, with a couple of flings to them. Or in the best cases, you even get the content from them, all you have to do is publish it on your blogs.

Now if you ask me why the strategy works, it technically is that you are bloggers established, and it is getting good traffic,  so people want their content to be exposed and the word strong backlinks which you are selling to them for a certain amount of money.

The only downside for this is, you have to have a blog with good traffic or at least good engagement on your posts. If you can nail that you can expect a good dollars role in on a frequent basis. Here’s how much one of India’s top blogger, Harsh Agarwal made from Sponsored posts in a certain month:-


So no doubt, it works.

Concentrate on increasing the following metrics, and you can put your site up for sponsored post on social networks are you can directly contact people via Email.

  • Domain Authority: – Most people look for a site with strong Domain Authority when looking for sponsored posts. So make sure you have a DA that’s 20+ at a minimum.
  • Trust flow: – I t’s just another metric like the DA, and you’ve to work on increasing that. I could’ve talked about increasing it right here, but I don’t want to deviate from the topic at hand.
  • Audience Engagement:- Makes sure people engage with your posts, this way your sponsors will know that their content will get noticed and thus it increases your chances.

Selling E-books:-

Its personally one of my favorite methods, if you seriously have solid knowledge about something, that is not easily available out there on the Internet and is actually the result of your own experiments and years of hard work well in that case you can write a book about it, get it professionally designed, and put it up for sale.

You can sell the ebook either directly via your blog, or from Amazon, the opportunities are endless the only point is you ebook really has to offer quality and knowledge that is not available for free on the Internet.

And the best thing about this is it works like a chain, if you really have an awesome piece of content out there in the book, and someone buys it, he is most likely to refer it to his friends and relatives, that way you get more sales without any extra emotional money out of your pocket .

Here are some of the strategies I used while selling my ebooks on Amazon in order to ramp up the sales.

  • Professionally Designed Cover: – Ever heard about “First Impression,” well that thing really exists. So you have to make sure that your e-book grabs the attention of buyers even before they actually buy it. So get a professionally designed cover before putting it up for sale. You can get it done from fiverr for as low as $5.
  • Real Reviews: –  Never miss this, always ask for reviews from your buyers. They impact your business, a lot!
  • Facebook Ads: – I love Facebook ads, so yeah after launching an Ebook, your first step should be getting good reviews on it. Once you get that, start promoting it via ads. 9It will work because you already have positive reviews, period!).

Banner Ads:-

This can come in handy, when you have a decent amount of traffic, but not enough money out of it.

The way banner ads primarily function is, you get a set of banners for a company or just about anything, all you have to do is, put it up on your site and you get paid for the number of Impressions.

So technically the thing is like you get ads from a company for a thousand Impressions, for a certain amount so when your site loads for a thousand times to different visitors you get paid that amount, simple as that.

Now, it’s not feasible, neither professional to approach every single company out there manually. Instead, there are some leading platforms out there you can use which set up almost everything for you starting from the amount you want to be paid to the number of impressions and the payment methods.

So if you are the least bit interested in banner ads, and you ha ve a site that is generating a good number of hits I would say go sign up with right now.

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Paid Memberships:-


This is not something every blog out there does, but they should.  Well, technically it’s like, you have a public blog where you share all of the good stuff common, but then there is a section that is only available to the members of your blog, and there you share the better stuff.

Of course you have to make that section private,  and people have to buy the memberships.

Well in order to avail the strategy, you have to make sure your public blog, meaning the content that is available free to everyone is really awesome only then they would be interested in getting to know what is there inside the paid forum right?

Or what you can do is, you can divide your content into two parts, meaning you share the “icing on the cake” meaning the results and inspirational stuff on the free blog thing meaning on the public sphere where people can check out the results and whatever you have achieved and get inspired, but they would have to pay for the paid membership in order to unlock the method by which you achieved that so there is another way to deliver them into signing up for the membership of your blog.

So yes, that is another method that makes a lot of money for some of the top guys out there, even including Neil Patel, if you have ever noticed he has a University section over his blog it is not exactly the membership thing but well it is a job.

Well, you don’t need to be a professional coder for that, all you need to be is a guy who knows how to work around WordPress so technically what you have to do is WordPress is full of so many plugins, you can just go around installing some of them and you should have you paid membership forum up and running so I will just list couple of them for you, and you can start setting up your paid membership section right away!

Flipping the Blog:-

Flipping the blog really didn’t want to test method out there to make money with a blog neither the most efficient one, but it does make a lot of money.

It’s not something that makes money for you directly from the block, but it is like you are creating a great asset, when you have a great except you send it off for a lot of money, like really lot of money.

So technically what you do is you pick up a Keyword, a Keyword that has a lot of monthly searches, and does not have a lot of competition meaning it can be run out easily so once you choose the keyword you rank the site to let it be on Google for couple months, you keep it  updating, it gains authority  and trust, gets ranked, and starts getting good traffic.

So overtime the blog starts getting a lot of hits for the month, and that is the time when you can flip it meaning you sell the blog out on websites like


See the above screenshot? That site would be netting anywhere around 3-5000$ bid! (or even more, if it’s a high CPC niche!)

Now if you ask me, why would you want to sell a blog that is having lot of traffic, I’d say normally because the keyboard you chose did not have a lot of the CPC because of course the keywords that do have a lot of CPC have already been taken and it’s hard to get ranked on them, so instead you take just an average keyword thatpays you anywhere between 10 to 12 cents per click so when you start getting good traffic it will take u probably couple of years before you can make a serious big fat wallet out of it, but when you flip it what you are doing is you are selling it to people who are more efficient than you for a lot of money well I am talking about thousands of dollars.

So yeah if you have a site that’s getting good traffic but not considerable kind of money, try flipping it. That’s like instant cash for all your hardwork on the site.

Wrapping it Up:-

So well yeah, that’s what’s working right now when it comes to making money off a blog.

Let me make it clear for you, none of the above-mentioned methods were “make me rich over-night” strategies. All of them need you to work hard, in a way or another.

In fact, that’s a reason why a lot of bloggers quit too soon because they take blogging to be some kind of “be a millionaire in a fortnight” thing, and then get disappointed.

But if you’re consistent enough, and professional, and you seriously want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you will find success. And in the process, you might even discover a lot of other strategies, or ways to enhance the above strategies for yourself.

The only thing that’s stopping you from making money from your blog is, you.