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Plugins make your life (and business) easier.

If you’re on WordPress, you definitely have heard about Plugins, yes those short codes (or small zip files in other words ) that can be integrated along with your WordPress CMS to boost up its features and options.

Well, WordPress powers more than 50% of all websites using a CMS. Why so? One of the reasons definitely is it’s feature to extend the features by the use of third-party modules and plugins.

Okay so if you’re anywhere near Content Marketing, these 10 plugins are a must have for you, or you’ll just end up working 20 hours a day, with the productivity worth of nothing.

What I’ll be covering:-

  • Email Marketing Plugins (and why you need them.)
  • SEO Plugins
  • Editorial Calendar
  • Zedity
  • EditFlow
  • Image Integration Plugins ( ImageInject  / CompFight )
  • WpReview
  • SumoMe ( Don’t you dare miss this one, if you’re serious about your Content Marketing Career ).

Email Marketing Plugins:-

Why do you need them?

Trust me, having an Email list, as big as 25,000 users are better than having 25000$ in your accounts.

Here’s what HubSpot’s Analytics has to say about it. Having an Email list will result in you getting 50% more sales, at 33% reduced cost. So see your profits? You’re getting a huge bump of 50% sales, and that too with a discount in costs of 33% . What else do you need?

So if you’re investing money on Social media campaigns and Visual Ads, trust me it’s much better to invest on Email Marketing, not sure about it yet?  Well here’s what Practical E-commerce has to say about it.


#1. OptinMonster

There are thousands of Plugins offering you Email Marketing service.

But there are certain reasons why I’m listing OptinMonster here. The first feature that makes it unique is its vast options of styling. It enables you to insert it at almost any position you want to.

For eg. Here’s the list of options you’ll get, and trust me if you’re talking about Email Marketing, “where” you place the subscribing widget has a lot to do with your conversion rates.


Not only that, the templates OptinMonster has been beyond comparison. Here’s a screenshot of all the templates available:-


Not only that, it has the Awesome feature that it can be integrated with Googleanalytics, and get you a detailed report on your most converting pages, least converting pages etc. So improving these pages over time can boost your conversion rates beyond imagination. Because when you have a report of what’s performing well, and what’s not, you know what kind of content to get next time and thus improving your all over conversion rates.


Other features:-

Beyond these awesome features, OptinMonster has a lot more to offer, and I’ll just list some of them here:-

  • Can be Integrated with Leading Email auto-responders like MailChimp, Aweber, etc.
  • Special Affects can be added to the popup.
  • Custom HTML support in-case your email provide isn’t supported
  • Custom CSS support for advanced customization
  • Send visitors to a custom thank you page or just display a success message
  • Page level targeting to enable you to deliver the right offer to people on your site
  • Deliver custom opt-in forms to turn potential customers into paying customers
  • Exit Intent: Awesome feature, as it enables you to pop up the Plugin once the visitors are trying to leave.

#2. SEO / Sitemap Plugins

I’m sure you understand why SEO is the most crucial aspect of your blog, marketing or whatever you’re doing online.

So basically, keeping your SEO in good health is your responsibility,and just to make your job a bit easier, there are thousands of plugins out there. Oh yes don’t worry, despite being thousands of plugins out there I’ll list the best ones out for you:-

There are lot’s of crucial factors regarding your SEO. And WordPress doesn’t really provide you as vast opportunity for SEO optimization, but that can be achieved with these plugins at ease.

Here’s what your SEO plugins will take care of:-

  • Meta Descriptions.
  • SiteMaps.
  • Indexation and lot of other things.

Well these metrics might not contribute to your rankings directly . But, these are prime factors determining your On-Page metrics and stuff. For eg. Henry experimented on how “Google Sitemaps” affect indexation, and he found that after submission of the Sitemap, it took his site only around 14 minutes , compared to the earlier 1300+minutes before submission of the sitemaps.

Crawl Sitemaps Image

#2. Y0ast :-

I’m sure you’ve heard of it, and know that it’s definitely the best choice when it comes to SEO but still let me highlight the features why you should go for it, if you aren’t still sure about it.

So here’s the first reason to go with it, it’s being used by 24,350,413 bloggers in the world, and trust me that’s a big number.


It’s one of the best features of Yoast, I’ve seen a lot of people struggling with how to keep certain pages out of Google Index, but not the whole site.

Well then Yoast would be your best friend, It lets you keep certain pages out of the index. It can be indexed from the Advanced settings


MetaDescription, Sitemaps:

Yoast allows you to set the Meta Description of each of your post, right from the dashboard. And you can create your sitemap directly from yoast too, not good enough? Well it has a lot more to offer.

Editing Robot.txt & .htacess

From Yoast, you can update your most important back-end files from the dashboard itself, without needing to log into your Cpanel and messing with all the files.

#3. Google XML Sitemaps:

Another must have for you, if you are generating content on a frequent basis. It automates the process of Sitemap creation, so another win-win for you.

As I said earlier, having a Sitemap can greatly influence how your blog does over the Search Engines, and this plugin saves you the time and energy of creating one by yourself.

#4. Editorial Calendar:

The first step to getting something done, is getting it organized and planned.

And that’s where Editorial Calendar comes in. As the name probably suggested you, it’s a calendar plugin, but not just any calendar.

It let’s you schedule your posts, or even just tasks for yourself or your team. That too, free of cost. You can schedule at what time you want a post written, edited, or published.

It has been downloaded more than half a million times and has a 4+ star rating, still got an excuse not to use it?


#5. Zedity:


So you have a lot of graphical content on your blog? Like Images, Infographics, Videos?

Well then go along and wish Zedity a happy friendship day, why? Comm’n , You just found your best friend.

It’s much more powerful than the normal WordPress visual editors, with a Drag and Drop kind of feature. It enables you to create your WordPress Page better and have more designing freedom.

It’s downloaded over 200000 times, so why don’t you join the list?

#6. EditFlow:-


It’s a lot similar to Editorial Calendar, but a lot different too.

If you have a team of people working for you, then it should be your first choice.

It enables you and your team to collaborate inside WordPress itself, using EditFlow you can assign tasks, get comments on the assignment, and not only that.

The EditFlow plugin has separate modules, like Calendar, custom messages, etc., which you can enable or disable according to your own need.

With over 100000 downloads, there must be something that EditFlow is doing right, right?

Image Integration Plugins:-

Did you know that Neil Patel invests over 30,000$ on a Single blog graphic?

Why? He said he hated the task of finding, creating and inserting images into his blog posts all on his own. But you don’t have extra 30K$ do you? That’s where these awesome plugins come in.

They are meant to help you search, insert and tag images all from your dashboard, without the need to leave your post composer once. Not only that these will also save you from getting sued over copyright Issues ( Yes I’m serious ).

#7. ImageInject


WpInject is the plugin that let’s does a lot of  tasks for you from a single dashboard:-

  • Search For the Image.
  • Insert it into your post.
  • Automatically Attribute the creators ( if it’s needed ).
  • Insert alt tags and Captions, all automated.

See? So all you have to do is, search for the image, and it’ll take care of everything that needs to be done.

#8. CompFight:-


CompFight is another awesome “image integrator” plugin, very well capable of searching for, and including images into your WordPress post.

Not only that, it also has the capability to go along and provide the right attributes to the creator, according to the image license, so no option of you being sued by the creator over copyright issues.

#9. WpReview:-

I’m sure you’ve heard of wpReview by now .

Not yet? Let me show you exactly what it is.


Out of these search results, which seemed most compelling to you? The ones with stars, right? I knew it, oh yes that WpReview in action.

It’s one of the best “Review” plugins available in the market. That lets you review various products . What’s so special right? The specialty is, it supports Google Rich Snippet, meaning the capability to show those beautiful little stars in your search results .

So it lets you create awesome review posts, and the option to review each element of the product separately, and then calculates an overall score.

Not only that, it lets you add custom colors to the Stars, text and almost everything in the review. Additionally, you can choose where you want to show the review, on a sidebar, after the content or somewhere else.


So if you’re into reviews, it’s definitely the next thing you should be getting, if you haven’t already.

#10. SumoMe

Pretty new to the market, and so it is your one stop shop for all your marketing needs.

Sumo me is my Favorite blog promotion plugin. Why? Well, because what’s the use of creating awesome content, when no one gives a shit about it? SumoMe makes people give a shit about your post, period.

Secondly, it has some super awesome features that are totally free, ( but I’d also pay for them if they weren’t, yes that’s how awesome those features are ).

Before going into the features, let me show you an example of its true potential, I generated over 300Shares, in less then 12 hours on a blog post using Sumo me.


What’s special? It grabs attention, it’s extremely lucrative, it makes the people stop and wonder, Why not give the post a share.

Okay so now let’s move on the features ( It’s gonna be long ):-

  • Hello Matt:- Full Screen Email Subscriber widget. Trust me, it has such extensive features and customization ablities that your blog visitors just won’t be able to resist subscribing to you.
  • Share: See those sharing buttons that got me so many Shares? Yes, they are “share”. And totally customizable with over 30 different platforms for you to choose from.
  • Content Analytic: Super Cool feature, as it let’s you see exactly how much, of your blog post, are people reading. If they’re scrolling to the very last of it, or are you boring enough to drive them away in the first paragraph.
  • Smart Bar: Ever heard or seen Hello Bar? Well, it’s somewhat similar, the features are similar to. But it’s better, how? Check out the last part of this paragraph for that.
  • Image Sharer: You spend hours creating images, and at the end no one gives a shit. Well, let’s change that from this moment on. Image sharer integrates sharing options, “ON” your images. Yes, people can share those images specifically on Facebook, twitter or any different platform you choose.
  • Contact Form: Places a banner on the side of your site that people can click on to reveal a contact form
  • Highlighter: – Another awesome feature to let people share “specific pieces” of your content. For eg if there’s an awesome quote on your blog, people can just select the sentence, and the highlighter would allow them to share it on their Twitter . ( Pretty cool huh? )
  • Scrolling Box:- A beautiful Scroll box, tempting people to subscribe.
  • Heatmap: The magical ability to let you know where people clicked on your blog.

Now for the best part, these aren’t even all the features available, there are lot’s more with SumoMe. Not only that, just count the above list, how many features are there? 10 right? Just imagine, having 10 different plugins to achieve all of these functionalities, your blog speed will just get buried in a grave.

With SumeMe, you can have all of these options, with a single plugin, without killing your site speed. This feature alone is enough to make me click on the SumeMe link right away.

Wrapping It up:-

So I talked about so many different WordPress plugins that’ll make your life easier, if you’re a content marketer ( The first two plugins would work perfectly even if you’re just a blogger ).

The bottom line is, you can do everything these plugins do, manually too, but why mess your brain, energy, and time up when there are these awesome plugins to help you out?

Do let me know your experience, or any issues ( if there ) with the above-listed plugins, it’s always a pleasure to hear from you guys.