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The Who What When Where and Why of Blogging

So, you want to be a blogger? That’s a good choice, being able to work from the comfort of home, on your schedule is great, without a Boss.

But let me get something straight before getting into the very basics of Blogging, You can’t expect to start a blog today, and buy a Lamborghini tomorrow, and vacation tickets to Hawaii the next day.

Blogging, like any other job, needs hard work, and patience. You can’t expect to be successful with every project, you have to accept, and start again if you fail.

Yes, there’s a moment when you’ll reach automation when you can earn money while you’re sleeping, but before you can achieve that, you most definitely have to go through a lot of sleepless nights. There’s nothing called free bread.

So, Does Blogging Work?

If you’re aiming at providing Quality Content, and make money in the process, YES. If you’re aiming at making money, and QUALITY is an option, then there’s no option for you to succeed, Period.

I’m breaking this post into 3 sections, What, Where and How of Blogging.

What this guide contains:-

  • The “What” of Blogging.
  • The Where of Blogging.
  • The How of a successful blog:-
      • How to get the Domain.
      • How to get the Server.
      • How to set up a Blogging CMS.
      • How to choose the layout ( theme ).
  • Setting up the CMS.
  • The Theme.
  • Monetization.

The “WHAT” of Blogging:-

It’s not magic, neither a shortcut, so the first thing you’ve to decide is “What are you trying to achieve.”

Are you trying to make a blog which will go viral, and get lot of hits? Or a Blog that might not necessarily be viral and still makes you good money? It’s important, because the monetization sources, server choices, ranking strategies and everything else will differ a lot depending upon your target.

Secondly, What is your budget. You need to go for a domain, and a Good server. No, it doesn’t cost you a fortune to start, you can start a blog for as low as $20-30 for the whole first year, but then again the quality comes in. So you’ve to decide a fixed budget which you can invest for the year.

And third, What Niche or Topic you want to start on. Many times, I see someone posting a status, or inboxing me asking What niche they should blog upon. It’s one of the prime reasons why most blogs fail; everyone around the corner now knows SEO is a profitable niche, and starts a blog on it.

But starting a blog, which you aren’t passionate about is going to be doomed. Because the research, understanding, analyzing the topic and then writing takes up extremely long amounts of time, and even then you won’t be able to make it as good as someone who’s passionate about it.

So it’s always the best option to start a blog on a topic you’re interested in.

The “Where” of a successful blog:-

The where technically consists of “Where” you will be hosting your site.

Meaning, the server, and it decides a lot of “fate” of your blog’s future. A Server is almost like a direct ranking metric, almost, because it doesn’t affect rankings directly of course, but the results, or consequences that it bears undoubtedly do. For e.g.,. having a slow site won’t get you ranked, so see? That’s the thing.

The “How” of a Future Secure, financially stable blog:-

The first “How” that comes up to your mind is, How to start it up.

  • How to get the Domain.
  • How to get the Server.
  • How to set up a Blogging CMS.
  • How to choose the layout ( theme ).

Those are the most fundamental questions that are arising in your mind right now, aren’t they? Well let me take some of your troubles for you, and simplify things for you.

The Domain:-

The Domain is the URL of your blog; it’s the identity, the first, and most important step in your online career. This is how your blog will grow into a brand, this is how people will reach you, this is how you’d be known around, so yeah it’s one of the most important steps.

I won’t go into the details of How you can set up a domain, of course, it’s a basic guide to the “What, Where and How” of Blogging, but worry not I’d still outline the process here and if you passed your high school in a single try, you’d know how to do it.

First of all, get a domain. You can get one for as low as $3 / 199Rs. For the year from Godaddy.

How to get it?

Pretty simple, head over to and search for the domain name you want.

Once you’ve found one that’s available, Select it.


Now, select 1Year as the duration if you want it for a year, or if you want for a longer term just specify it, and click on proceed to checkout.


Now, Godaddy has a variety of options using which you can pay. Credit cards / Debit cards / Net banking / Bank transfer and a lot more, so just choose one you’re comfortable with, and make the payment.

Bonus Tip: – If privacy protection is being offered, no matter for how cheap, don’t go for it, and here’s why.

So you’ve got your domain, let’s move on to the servers.

Getting the Server:-

To start, you’re just about to enter a vast ocean of choices, and don’t get confused.

The “Server”, is just some place online which lets you host your files, texts, and images so that it can be accessed on your blog.

As far as servers are concerned, there are lot’s of options out there. Some even starting as low as 1Rs/month (Yes, Don’t be shocked, people use all kinds of weird marketing ideas )

There are three basic kind of servers,

  • Shared : – It’s like sharing a room with a partner. You share the resources, cost, and everything. That’s why shared servers are cheap, but they do the job.
  • VPS : – It’s like owning the room, not the house. You own the room, and you’ve full control to it. Similarly, you’ve full root access to the server in a VPS, with more security and flexibility.
  • and Dedicated: – Well this, is the most expensive kind. It’s like you buying the whole house, and then you’re the one and only person in charge, but then managing it isn’t easy either.

I won’t go into the details, because if you’re reading this guide, then you for sure are just starting out, and at this moment you don’t need to know, or either invest in a VPS or a dedicated server. Unless your site grows big, shared servers work just fine.

The point is, not everything that glitters is gold right? Similarly, not every service that allows you to host your files, is a good hosting. In fact, the future of your career depends on your choice of servers, so make sure you choose a good one.

I’ll make it simpler for you, A good server doesn’t cost you a fortune, no it doesn’t.

Hey, wait, before going out on a limb, do checkout one of my earlier articles on Choosing a good Webserver, which covered every aspect of what you should be looking for in your future career-maker, a.k.a your server.

Okay, so now you know what you need in a good server, right? Now here’s something more for you, a 33% Flat discount on one of the best web hosting servers in the world. And no, I’m not bluffing.

Let me warn you, that is a bit expensive, but every business has it’s own investments right? Are you seriously ready to settle for anything, but the best?

If yes, then you can also go for ASmallOrange or Bluehost, no they don’t suck, it’s just that WPEngine is a managed server, while these are Un-managed ones, still these are industry leaders out there.

So now, you have your domain, and you’d be getting a server from some place that fits your needs right? What after getting the Domain and the Server?

Setting up the Blogging CMS

If you’re going to be a blogger, you definitely need a blogging CMS.

And there’s no debate if WordPress is the best of them. Setting up WordPress isn’t that hard either, so just login to your Server, and with most of the servers you’ll find a one click WordPress Installation feature.

Wordpress installation

Just click on it, and you’ll be taken to a screen where you have to fill in the form,

WordPress forms

And click Install.

You’re done; you’ll get the Id password mailed to you, and you’re all set. Yes, that’s how easy it is to setup your first blog.

The Theme:-

The looks of your blog are what grows in, and fits in when it grows into your brand. For e.g.,. right now how backlinko, ProBlogger and all other big sites like them, have a branded theme, a definite look that anyone can recognize easily.

Wel not just for the branding, but your theme is also important and responsible for your site’s Load time. In fact on WordPress, more than 54% of your site’s speed depends upon your theme as long as you’re using WordPress.


So see? It’s not just the looks that the theme controls.

The one confident option I can suggest from my side is, Genesis Framework. It’s one of the most advanced, SEO and User-friendly WordPress frameworks ever developed. It’s loaded with features, and you can get your very own child themes, so instead of wasting hours on the looks, get Genesis, and a good child theme.

Or, if you’re doubtful, Themeforest is another good option where you can look out for your choice.

After you’ve gone through the above missions (Well yes, before you actually accomplish the above tasks, they do seem like a rocket science mission, but after completing them you figure out it was a 5 second, screw-tightening job in the rocket !)

Well now, the last and most important part, the one for which you’ve been searching for this whole post…


So how do bloggers make money?

No body pays to read articles, right? Well, in a way they do, not directly, but indirectly.

There are two prime methods of Blog monetization, as you might already be knowing. Adsense being the CPC king, and Affiliate Marketing the queen, or vice-versa, depending upon your traffic, intellect and power to sell.

Adsense: – I won’t complicate things here, Adsense is just google’s Advertising platform, if you have a site with good traffic, you can apply for AdSense, and when approved, AdSense ads will be showing on your blog. And you get paid per click. Yes, no worries with sales or anything, just clicks.

Affiliate Marketing: – This, on the other hand, is a more advanced, but more profitable thing at the same time. It’s like, someone gives you a product to sell, you sell it out and keep the commissions. Well, it’s not as complicated as it sounds, once you start your blog and get deep into it, you’ll figure out that once an article is ranked, it’s actually pretty easy to make a fat wallet, and making sales isn’t that hard either.

Those two were just the main, mostly used methods. Trust me there’s a vast list of opportunities to make money from your blog. Okay, I’ll just list a few for you:-

  • Paid Guest Posts.
  • Sponsored posts.
  • Premium Membership.
  • Metered Content and what not.

Over to you:-

So, work hard, get the blog to a good position and then you can either use one of these strategies, or invent one of your own to make money. This world was always full of business you know, for those hard working guys.

If you’re still struck somewhere, do make use of the comment box, that’s what I’m here for. Also, if you thing there might be something else worth adding to this post, do let me know.

Or, do you already own a blog? What do you use to monetize it? Which theme are you using? What was your experience? Have couple minutes? Then do share it with the readers here, if it’s good It’d be a pleasure to include it in the guide too.