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WebinarJam Coupon – Activate 14 Days Trial in $1

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WebinarJam 14 Days Trial

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If you have ever watched a webinar, then how many times you struggled to get acquainted with the platform where the organizer is live streaming? Or you expected that there would be a better way to interact with the organizer or the speaker could explain the point more comprehensively?

Webinar organizers always aspire to deliver value and ensure excellent user experience to their audience. Because if the audience had a good time, they would likely to take action and do business with the organizer.

The webinar is one of the most powerful forms of content that can engage users and help them improve their customer outreach, acquisition retention. In this era of digitization, brands have a hard time to reach new audiences and convince them to buy the products.

That is why they are continually looking for better options that grab only relevant users’ attention.

Today, I’m going to share one of my favorite webinar tools which are the WebinarJam. I am going to show you why it is one of the most premium webinar software and why you should use it for your upcoming webinars session.

Before diving deep into the discussion, let’s have an overview of the WebinarJam. We will do a complete review and share WebinarJam 14 days trial with you in the review.


They say “necessity is the mother of invention”. The same philosophy has spiked the idea of WebinarJam. In the year 2013, the three creative individuals, who also happen to be great online businessmen, felt in need of reliable webinar solutions and software. Moreover, that’s how WebinarJam is created.

The parent company of WebinarJam is Genesis Digital. The company claims that they have the best developers, along with dedicated and professional customer support.

Just after two years of its launch, WebinarJam Studio has been made live.

Now, they are also providing e-Commerce marketing solutions which will help you to attract more prospects to your webinar and create real-time conversions from the session.

While writing this review, WebinarJam has successfully served more than 50,000 customers across the globe.

Now let’s understand what are the benefits of this software and discuss the elements that make WebinarJam the best webinar software on the planet.


Some webinar platforms force organizers and attendees to get old-school user interface which takes off the interest from users and forces them to have only one-way communication method where the only organizer speaks, and viewers cannot respond adequately.

However, the layout of the WebinarJam is not only user-friendly but intuitive enough to spark engagement. You can quickly learn collaboration by inviting up 6 co-presenters who can broadcast their discussion live.

WebinarJam allows users to share their questions and opinion thanks to the live chat features./

If any user has something interesting to share can request speaking access during the session. With the help of this feature, the host can have the storytelling power of a whole new level. Your audience gave to have their own voice which can be leveraged by sharing viewers’ experience, testimonials and also provide live consultation.

Moreover, organizers can highlight questions and comments from the live chat to explain them. This way, all the viewers can feel attended and listened to by the organizer and get questions answered from the.

The structure of WebinarJam enables productive interactivity during the session.


With a couple of clicks, 6 to be specific, and within 30 seconds, you can broadcast your live stream to thousands of people across the internet.

Thanks to the indigenously built structure of WebinarJam, you can instantly go live and get connected with your audience. You don’t have to indulge yourself and invest a few hours into setting up the software and getting ready to start the broadcast. Just go to the WebinarJam website and start broadcasting immediately.

When it comes to portability and accessibility, this online webinar software has got it covered everything, literally everything. It does not only provide maximum coverage but the support of the latest internet browsers and operating system as well.

Don’t worry if your audience has different device preferences. Because with the latest browsers in Mac and Windows computers, it supports Android and iOS devices flawlessly.


In case you might be wondering what if you want to stream pre-recorded video from my local system or share a slideshow with your audience? Well, WebinarJam understands the users’ needs and is flexible in injecting third-party video during a live stream to explain.

With the help of this feature, you can customize your sales pitch in a 30 frames-per-second video quality. Your front camera will shut off your microphone will be muted so that users can enjoy your video content without any unintentional interruption from your end.

If you wish to share your screen while putting your front camera as a picture-in-picture layout, you can also do that too using WebinarJam.

You can turn your screens into a live whiteboard that teachers use to explain particular principles to students. You can quickly draw and apply callouts to describe graphs, and mind maps through a whiteboard.

This software also lets you draw shapes and callouts to explain your points from the screen. You can highlight important areas of your monitor so that users can understand.


People who sell stuff online services or products are always in a rush to synchronize their online video streaming content with their website and landing pages.

However, with WebinarJam, you can ensure that instant transactions are happening for your business.

During the live streaming, you can highlight the respective product to the audience and put a countdown timer to introduce the scarcity and exclusivity of your product. Your product will be highlighted during the webinar, so users can easily click and purchase it.

As soon as somebody from the viewers purchases your product, you can also highlight the purchase through an alert to show the social success of your webinar.

It will encourage other users to buy your stuff and enroll in your service before it gets expired.


If you have attended any webinar, then you would agree that after registering for the webinar, the host sends you an email that has a verification link that leads to a form to confirm your interest.

However, with WebinarJam, you can have an in-message confirmation link. So, click on the link of the email to confirm your spot.

Along with attractive designs, WebinarJam also gives easy-to-build layout, which hosts can leverage to create beautiful forms for registrations. Now, you no longer need to depend on web developers to get your forms made.


WebinarJam also gives you excellent reporting capabilities that would help you assess your webinar recording.

You can identify how many people attended your webinar and how many users used live chat and how many attendees were converted from your offers.

You will also get a graphical representation of your webinar activity so that you can determine the success rate. These numbers will help you plan subsequent webinar campaigns and get maximum conversions.

Moreover, you can follow-up with viewers who did not attend your webinar with the recording link. This way, the user would feel valued and think that the host does not forget its audience who did not participate in the session.


For all the digital content creators and online tutors, WebinarJam is in real deal-breaker. For almost $40 per month when paid annually, you get a ton of features to entertain your viewers.

You also get a WebinarJam coupon with free 14 days trial in $1 that does not require you to enter credit card or debit card details.

I am excited to know what are your thoughts about WebinarJam. Feel free to share your experience in the comments and if you are using any other online webinar software, then also feel free to mention that.

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