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Some of the big names in the industry like Asana, SoundCloudWashingtonStateWire, and PagerDuty are already using world-class hosting from WP Engine.

By giving fully managed WordPress hosting, WPEngine is becoming one of the big players in the industry.

You might agree with my point that hosting is the primary infrastructure of your blog. It’s a supporting pillar for your blog that is going to strengthen your blog 24×7. But if you make the wrong decision while selecting your host, this might be a destructive element as well.

So today we are not only going to provide WPEngine special offer but review this hosting also.

WPEngine Black Friday Deal 2021 Review

Here we will talk about all the positive and negative factors of WP Engine Hosting and show you when you should go for this hosting.

#1 Security

Safety is the prime concern for any online business. If you are leaving everything open to hackers, then your business cannot grow as they can inject any malicu=ious code at any time.

What makes WP Engine as one of the top is its security features.

Here they are going to scan your website at a regular interval to ensure that no one is trying to intrude. While doing malware scanning, they’ll automatically detect the possible threats and fix them at the back end on a priority basis. They provide a guarantee that your website will never be hacked.

They will automatically block those possible attacks and make your website more secure.

If anyone tries to intrude on your website from a specific IP address, they’ll ban that IP permanently.

#2 Speed

Google wants to make this online world a better place by delivering data as accurately as possible in a fraction of seconds.

So the speed of your website plays a HUGE role in your ranking… in short – your website’s loading time is crucial.

They have added EverCache technology at the backend for your server that is going to cache your data for the faster serving to search engines. Having an SSD server for your online data will make your website load in a fraction of seconds.

They have partnered with a CDN (Content Delivery Network) to ensure your website loads lightning-fast no matter where your visitors are for when you want to activate it on your plan.

Speed is a huge ranking factor, so you are going to get this free of cost.

#3 Developer Tools

You’ll get complete command on your WordPress hosting to restore it anytime. You’ll be able to take a snapshot of your hosting at any time and restore it as per your requirement.

WP Engine is the only Managed WordPress Hosting Platform with Git for version control fully integrated with WordPress.

#4 Support

For me, this is the thing that I cannot compromise at any cost.

If your hosting provider is not giving you 24×7 support, it’s time to leave them.

Although they have restricted the chat support from 8 AM to 8 PM CST, but you can create a ticket at any time and get a quick reply from the experts.

#5 Backup

They are taking a backup of your hosting on a daily basis. So in case you get any issue with the server, you can restore it immediately.

In short, they have provided all possible tools and freedoms to make it the best hosting for your business.

What is WPEngine Black Friday Deal 2021?

They offer four different plans

  1. Personal – $29/month (single WordPress website)
  2. Professional – $99/month (10 WordPress websites)
  3. Business – $249/month (25 WordPress websites)
  4. Enterprise – Contact them for more info

Traffic these plans can handle

  1. Personal – 25k visitors
  2. Professional – 100k visitors
  3. Business – 400k visitors
  4. Enterprise – 1 Million+ visitors

So starting with a professional plan is a better choice as you can host your ten blogs on the same hosting that ultimately becomes $9.90 per website.

Here is the screenshot for a better understanding


Is the WPEngine Black Friday Deal 2021 Worth it?

I had read about WordPress hosting many times, but I was not sure what it was until I bought WP Engine WordPress Hosting.

After paying the amount I got login details as:

  • Blog URL: http://xyz.wpengine.com
  • Login URL (WordPress Admin): http://xyz.wpengine.com/wp-admin
  • Username: XYZ
  • Password – XYZ

I was overwhelmed to see that I am going to use the same server that WPEngine is using.

They just create one subdomain for your username and setup and separate WordPress for you. You can import the data from your old hosting or start with it as a fresh WordPress website.

As they claim the internet site as very fast loading, so the very first thing I did was to check the loading time of my new WordPress site.


It’s loading at blazing fast speed.

How to Activate WPEngine Black Friday Deal 2021

WP Engine offer for the month of October is live.

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Disclaimer: Links used in this review are affiliate links. So once you buy any hosting package after clicking on our links, we get the commission.

WPEngine Black Friday Deal 2021 FAQs

I’m hosting my site with another company. Can I avail of the WPEngine Black Friday Deal 2021 when my plan ends?

The WPEngine Black Friday Discount 2021 will only work during the specified offer period. You cannot avail of it after the period ends.
It’s also important to note that the company rarely offers such big discounts. If you miss the deal, you will likely need to wait until Black Friday next year to get a big discount.

Can I try WPEngine hosting before I get the WPEngine Black Friday Deal 2021?

The company does not offer a free trial or even a low-price limited trial to its customers. However, they have a refund policy, making your purchase risk-free for the first two months.

What happens if I end up not liking WPEngine’s service after availing of the WPEngine Black Friday Deal 2021?

WPEngine has a 60-day money-back guarantee, which means if you do not like the service, you can get the full cost of hosting back.

Can I register a domain with the WPEngine?

The WPEngine Black Friday Deal 2021 does not include any domain registration benefits. If you need to register a domain, you will need to get it done by another company.

Does WPEngine include free migration?

Yes, the company will migrate your website to its servers free of cost if you get the WPEngine Black Friday Discount 2021.

WPEngine Black Friday Deal 2021 Conclusion

The short loading times, excellent security, and second-to-none support make using WPEngine to host your website a no-brainer.

Getting your hands on the hosting Black Friday deal is a great way to cut down on hosting expenses while availing of the same benefits.

Make sure you don’t miss out – get WPEngine hosting for less this Black Friday!